Wednesday, August 30, 2017

OpEd: The LEFT'S Having a Nervous Breakdown

theodore  M I R A L D I.

The Mental Status of many Americans is careening toward a Psychotic Break. Everything invokes an irrational and sometimes violent response. It's getting so bad singular words are driving people crazy.

Dare not to murmur the word Traveler for fear the cracker doodles will close their eyes and see General Lee atop his horse. I fear the Body Snatchers are here to stay and Life Imitating Art may very well be factual.

The Left is somehow stuck in a game of chicken they know they can not win. They are teetering at the edge of sanity in their Video Game of Life. It's a sad time when men. women and children of all ages run around in Black, wearing Masks. 

Little distinction from White Robes and Hoods. 

Too much TV, Gaming, sitting in the garage without a job,
or clue, they rally a the mere sight of a Tweet. These are people we are speaking about, not a hoard of ants.

They call themselves Social Warriors with names like Antifa, Black Lives Matter and a host of idiotic acronyms that only they understand. 

They are proficient with their thumbs, so how many jobs does that equal?

There seems to be a collective collapse of rationality. The chant, pump their fists and dance around in groups hysterically. These are the behaviors of primitive humans. We've all seen them beating drums, eating psychedelic plants, painting their faces, puncturing their bodies that are covered with Tattoos.

Who are these people and what are they looking to accomplish?

They abhor Racists and label everyone who resists their insanity a racist. If you're White, Supremacy is your game. This is the result of Group Think only possible when the consequences are expulsion and isolation. 

These people need to be part of something, and it doesn't matter any longer whether that something is Evil.

The rest of us are instructed by Bottom Feeders and the Lost to do as they do.

Apparently Einstein had it wrong in his definition of Insanity, as History Repeats its Mistakes.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

OpEd: Racist Image MIRRORS Communist/Socialist Narrative

theodore  M I R A L D I.
edited 8/20/17

Racism has a long ugly history in this nation. No-one who bares the fruits of self examination can deny its existence. It has many different roots throughout the world since mans'
early beginnings.

I would venture to say that it was tribal at first and more about culture than person's hue. We know that indigenous people use to enslave their own as well as outsiders. The American Indians tooks
slaves from conquered nearby tribes to do their work. So, slavery in North American existed before Europeans ever settled this land as it did throughout Pre-Western Civilization.

It's an unfortunate fact of history that can not, and should not be erased. It serves to show us how low human behavior can be, and reminds us that primitive behaviors were practiced by all at one time, or another.

Modern day slavery still exists in much of the Arab World and many parts of the African Continent, and as a nation we show our solidarity with the victims of human bondage and political folly. Where is the outrage from the Left about women not being allowed to get an education, or own property in some parts of the world. They can't dress, speak or go out into the street without an escort or permission. 

Racism is none of these things. It's Culture!

The prevailing narrative today in our country can no longer be about slavery, it is about Racism. White against Black, Black against White, Hispanics against Whites, and so on. This has been a self inflicted political wound deep in the social conscience of some.

I support a law to ban the discussion of Slavery because it upsets me. It gives some a reason not to live up to their God given potential, it has become a Scam, an Excuse. No living person in this nation has ever owned, sold or abused an enslaved African/American. 

And that's the point.

The purveyors of hate in this nation, whether they are White, Black, Brown, Yellow, or Red are the enemies of us all. They do not speak for the majority of Americans who love this nation and the Freedoms and Liberties it guarantees. We go about our lives being husbands and wifes, fathers and mothers, sisters and brother and try to be productive citizens.

The Left driven by broken promises and failed policies cannot deliver the basic tools of success and  would rather destroy a nation than lose face. Those who castigate the norm as being unfair have chosen the wrong path, and are being told by a handful of deceivers that they are being cheated and abused by those who hate them because of the color of their skin, or where they were born. 

Only a child would believe such foolishness.

And that's the point. 

It's the young who can be sold a bill of goods and told to resist the only chance they may have of a productive life by those who have another agenda.  

The former Anti-Capitalists are now the One Percent. Funny how power changes an individuals sense of truth. Call it what you will, leveling the playing field by promising something you could never deliver is disgraceful. These are our children, what sick mind knowing the outcome of these false narratives would destroy a young person's hope.

In a time when Major Tech Companies control information and social thought, working in tandem with the Real Racists, we must wonder whether the time has come to break these companies apart. 

Left leaning Google, Facebook and a host of other Social Media sites are polluting the minds of our young by controlling content. Unlike Monopoly busting of the the past regarding goods, this is more insidious and damaging to the individual and must be Stopped!

Back to the point.

The loudest voices on the Left have a long past of Racist involvement with the KKK and it's members. 

Not to forget, the KKK was spawned by the Democrat Party. 
Not to forget the Major Players against Integration were Democrats. 
Not to forget Dredd Scott was supported by the Democrats. 
Not to forget they were against the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

What is now happening in our nation is a revolt by the Establishment against changing the Status Quo. More Taxes, More Entitlements, more destruction of Public Property, The Constitution and Civil Liberties. 

There are now dangerous numbers of disenfranchised Americans supported by Left leaning groups who wish to change the nature of human existence in our nation from success to failure.

Don't be fooled by the false narrative regarding Unity, they are in it for themselves and only themselves. The cries of Unity by the wolves have only one intent.

We as a people should see right through this folly. These are sympathetic followers of World Socialism at any cost. History has proven them wrong time and again.

The Real Racists Need to Look in the Mirror.

God Blessed America! 

The Left is Killing God.

Sunday, August 13, 2017


OpEd: The Charlottesville DOUBLE Standard

theodore  M I R A L D I.

There can be no doubt that the violence in Charlottesville is a grotesque symptom of much greater problem troubling this nation. This is what division does. It breads violence.

Erasing American History to soothe the wants of Special Groups who probably weren't even born when many injustices occurred is to deny there was any good at all within people. Isn't that where prejudice resides in peoples hearts. 

Are we only a Multi-Cultural nation when the culture comes from outside of our borders.

This has been building for some time now. My first thought come from scripture, 'Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.'

It is not Right or Just to condemn a symbol of History, regardless of your personal narrative. Judging others who lived decades before is a slippery slope when examining pathos alone. Pathos alone by  by definition breeds contempt and anger. 

There are those who will now preach about Unity, the same charlatans that have beat the drums of Hate.

These Forked Tongue Liars will get in front of a television microphone after a tragedy and continue to divide us through dissent. 

They will talk about Immigration, Gay Rights and a host of abnormal narratives that normal people feel strongly against. They will try to social engineer a landscape of hate and distrust among the citizens of this nation. And when people stand and voice their opinion, they are shouted down by the very people who preach democracy and their version of Free Speech.

Make no mistake violence begets violence, and you reap what you sow. Our nation has seen the use of violence in many cities and communities throughout the nation. Let's be clear, it's the left that uses violence to placate the savages within our society who will not take no for an answer.

Now this methodology seems likely for those who feel left behind, abused by government, media and their fellow citizens. If it works for them, it will work for us mentality.

What is shameful and dishonest is to put the blame on innocent men and women who respect the sacrifices Historical Figures have made in the context of today.

Like the Egyptians in less sophisticated times, are we still afraid of truth.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

OpEd: We're Being PUNK'D By The EVIL LEFT

 M I R A L D I.

The Left has been running roughshod over the nation since the 60's. Bare with me for a moment. Being a product of the Baby Boomer Generation I have some insight of the crooked path we all set upon with the promotion of Sex, Drugs, Rock 'n Roll, and Narcissism. 

Unfortunately the positive things that transpired have been buried under Hypocrisy and the Lust for Power. Case in point, the Civil Rights Movement. Since Martin Luther King echoed these words; 'I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.'


How ironic that Character is the one thing we have lost on every level of our behaviors. Our lives forever changed by powerful segments of the Political Elite, Pop Icons and the Secular Community.

What we have lost is the Character to understand the importance of a Moral Code. A code used in our Personal Ethics and Political Will. A code of conduct based upon fairness, a will to correct injustice and, an understanding of basic tenets of natural law, something greater than ourselves. 

The Hubris of thinking that we are more, when in fact we are less. There is more Evil in this world than possibly ever before. We can identify it, but have lost the will to defeat it. This does not bode well for even the most socially advanced societies. 

For without a moral code of conduct we are no longer sentient beings, but primal predators with no compassion, or understanding of right and wrong.

We sit idly by as individuals savage those around them. And stand silent as children and the elderly are preyed upon. We are a nation filled with dreams, too fearful to take the actions needed to make those dreams come true. 

There was a time I called the decades between the 50's and 70's a Renaissance, and in many ways it was in Art, Literature and Science. At the same time it was the destruction of organized community behavior. The individual, the self supplanted the greater good for success at any cost.

Our leaders were Tainted by Personal and Political Scandal, the thrill of being noticed created a narcissistic presence in everything they did. Somehow through it all we called it social progress, yet here we are today living in decaying cities and debauchery on every corner. 

We are the Rome of the 21st Century with its Decadence and Free Will.

We call it Progress because that's what they tell us to say. We exalt nothing and stain virtue with petty grievances and self adulation. 

Allowing Enemies to dictate our Norms and Public Policy can only end in chaos. It's what the NWO, Establishment Politicians, European Socialist and yes, the American Left hunger for. In their faulty narratives is a place called Utopia where some Benevolent Apparatus treats us all alike.

What they conveniently leave out of their formulation is the Degeneration of Healthy Human Behavior. 

Maybe that's why they want a Robotic Society, Androids, Zombies, Sex Dolls, Free Drugs, Abortion, Alternative Life Styles and NO Responsibility for their actions.

Or, just Plain Ignorant Humans.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

OpEd: Urban Destruction, Heartland Renewal

theodore  M I R A L D I.

As the eternal optimist, I reject the notion that the United States is destined to collapse. What we are experiencing today can be likened to termites trying to eat a Redwood in a week. Those who think a few termites, although a painful intruder will fell the mighty Redwood, think again.

Mind you, there seems to be a lot of detractors. Let's be clear though, many of these pesky malevolent types are dysfunctional and or lost, and in their hearts they know it. There's just no fabric to weave into a cogent community. Their a tattered rag-tag mob of groupies that do evil for evil's sake alone.

For the external cancer on this nation consisting of Illegal Immigrants, Migrants from Hostile Nations Ideologies, Gangs and the such, for the moment you are the least of our worries. 

Serious minded Revolutionaries seek Revolution, not looting stores for sneakers. They offer Manifestos, not Rhymes.

First of all , your numbers are few and controllable. You can for the most part, be Blocked, Banned and Deported back to the miserable places you were spawned. We feel your pain, we're just tired of assuming it in our communities and personal lives. Enough!

Controlling our Borders and discarding the asinine policy of Sanctuary Cities puts those at a larger risk of breaking Federal Immigration Laws and going to Prison. Remembering Immigrants are a wonderful resource when they don't arrive as criminals, or become criminals by breaking our Laws. 

Those who think otherwise just aren't playing with a full deck.

A peaceful Immigrant can easily become an antagonist when in fear of arrest and deportation, and those who support these policies are generally not in it for the Immigrants. It's for some future domination.

Now for the internal problem we are having with a segment of the population who seem to be rejecting Laws and Norms in general. These problems are the symptoms of a greater crisis. They don't exist in every community, town, or city. 

These are Cosmopolitan notions. To put it more clearly as Steven Miller stated, Cosmopolitan Bias.

What we are experiencing in Urban Cosmopolitan areas of the nation, is a bias that promotes resisting Law, Law Enforcement and in some cases by Sanctuary Cities defiance of Federal Policy. The methodology being used is to promote dysfunction in allowing Law Breakers to run amok within our communities in a clueless, goal-less orgy.

In their delusion, they believe the entire country feels as they do. In light of overwhelming statistical proof of their error, and failed Ideologies they continue a Fool's Errant.

America Core Values maintained by a significant proportion of the population is the common ground our nation is, and was founded upon. God, Family and Country is the fabric that unites us through our trials. 

We may only get a glimpse of it during tragic times, but make no mistake, it is indelible and indispensable to successful societies around the world.

The Heart of this Nation still beats Strongly, if not for our Cosmopolitan brothers and sisters, certainly
for the Rest of Us.