Sunday, August 6, 2017

OpEd: Urban Destruction, Heartland Renewal

theodore  M I R A L D I.

As the eternal optimist, I reject the notion that the United States is destined to collapse. What we are experiencing today can be likened to termites trying to eat a Redwood in a week. Those who think a few termites, although a painful intruder will fell the mighty Redwood, think again.

Mind you, there seems to be a lot of detractors. Let's be clear though, many of these pesky malevolent types are dysfunctional and or lost, and in their hearts they know it. There's just no fabric to weave into a cogent community. Their a tattered rag-tag mob of groupies that do evil for evil's sake alone.

For the external cancer on this nation consisting of Illegal Immigrants, Migrants from Hostile Nations Ideologies, Gangs and the such, for the moment you are the least of our worries. 

Serious minded Revolutionaries seek Revolution, not looting stores for sneakers. They offer Manifestos, not Rhymes.

First of all , your numbers are few and controllable. You can for the most part, be Blocked, Banned and Deported back to the miserable places you were spawned. We feel your pain, we're just tired of assuming it in our communities and personal lives. Enough!

Controlling our Borders and discarding the asinine policy of Sanctuary Cities puts those at a larger risk of breaking Federal Immigration Laws and going to Prison. Remembering Immigrants are a wonderful resource when they don't arrive as criminals, or become criminals by breaking our Laws. 

Those who think otherwise just aren't playing with a full deck.

A peaceful Immigrant can easily become an antagonist when in fear of arrest and deportation, and those who support these policies are generally not in it for the Immigrants. It's for some future domination.

Now for the internal problem we are having with a segment of the population who seem to be rejecting Laws and Norms in general. These problems are the symptoms of a greater crisis. They don't exist in every community, town, or city. 

These are Cosmopolitan notions. To put it more clearly as Steven Miller stated, Cosmopolitan Bias.

What we are experiencing in Urban Cosmopolitan areas of the nation, is a bias that promotes resisting Law, Law Enforcement and in some cases by Sanctuary Cities defiance of Federal Policy. The methodology being used is to promote dysfunction in allowing Law Breakers to run amok within our communities in a clueless, goal-less orgy.

In their delusion, they believe the entire country feels as they do. In light of overwhelming statistical proof of their error, and failed Ideologies they continue a Fool's Errant.

America Core Values maintained by a significant proportion of the population is the common ground our nation is, and was founded upon. God, Family and Country is the fabric that unites us through our trials. 

We may only get a glimpse of it during tragic times, but make no mistake, it is indelible and indispensable to successful societies around the world.

The Heart of this Nation still beats Strongly, if not for our Cosmopolitan brothers and sisters, certainly
for the Rest of Us.

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