Thursday, August 10, 2017

OpEd: We're Being PUNK'D By The EVIL LEFT

 M I R A L D I.

The Left has been running roughshod over the nation since the 60's. Bare with me for a moment. Being a product of the Baby Boomer Generation I have some insight of the crooked path we all set upon with the promotion of Sex, Drugs, Rock 'n Roll, and Narcissism. 

Unfortunately the positive things that transpired have been buried under Hypocrisy and the Lust for Power. Case in point, the Civil Rights Movement. Since Martin Luther King echoed these words; 'I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.'


How ironic that Character is the one thing we have lost on every level of our behaviors. Our lives forever changed by powerful segments of the Political Elite, Pop Icons and the Secular Community.

What we have lost is the Character to understand the importance of a Moral Code. A code used in our Personal Ethics and Political Will. A code of conduct based upon fairness, a will to correct injustice and, an understanding of basic tenets of natural law, something greater than ourselves. 

The Hubris of thinking that we are more, when in fact we are less. There is more Evil in this world than possibly ever before. We can identify it, but have lost the will to defeat it. This does not bode well for even the most socially advanced societies. 

For without a moral code of conduct we are no longer sentient beings, but primal predators with no compassion, or understanding of right and wrong.

We sit idly by as individuals savage those around them. And stand silent as children and the elderly are preyed upon. We are a nation filled with dreams, too fearful to take the actions needed to make those dreams come true. 

There was a time I called the decades between the 50's and 70's a Renaissance, and in many ways it was in Art, Literature and Science. At the same time it was the destruction of organized community behavior. The individual, the self supplanted the greater good for success at any cost.

Our leaders were Tainted by Personal and Political Scandal, the thrill of being noticed created a narcissistic presence in everything they did. Somehow through it all we called it social progress, yet here we are today living in decaying cities and debauchery on every corner. 

We are the Rome of the 21st Century with its Decadence and Free Will.

We call it Progress because that's what they tell us to say. We exalt nothing and stain virtue with petty grievances and self adulation. 

Allowing Enemies to dictate our Norms and Public Policy can only end in chaos. It's what the NWO, Establishment Politicians, European Socialist and yes, the American Left hunger for. In their faulty narratives is a place called Utopia where some Benevolent Apparatus treats us all alike.

What they conveniently leave out of their formulation is the Degeneration of Healthy Human Behavior. 

Maybe that's why they want a Robotic Society, Androids, Zombies, Sex Dolls, Free Drugs, Abortion, Alternative Life Styles and NO Responsibility for their actions.

Or, just Plain Ignorant Humans.

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