Tuesday, September 26, 2017

OpEd: PIMPING the Presidency

theodore  M I R A L D I.

Just when you think we are finally over the Arrogance of Obama and his Social Engineering Henchman the other shoe drops. Obama's shoe closet at this point must be the size of Imelda Marcos' 
walk in closet. This is what the American Public has had to endure for his entire tenure as President.

Now finally the Hens are coming home to roost. and I do mean Hens. Many of Obama's strident supporters are now under the microscope. 

What is it about Obama that promoted seemingly intelligent women to act so badly? This giddy bunch of demogogues that did his bidding Where-Ever they Served with a Smile and Wink from their Savior. 

The B-List of enchanted Public Servants included the likes of Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice, Loretta Lynch, Valerie Jarrett. Gina McCarthy, Lisa Jackson, Lois Lerner, Wassermann Schultz and Samantha Power, the Unmasker. Obama surrounded himself with women, how unfortunate none were truly independent of his insidious behaviors. Once in his circle, pleasing Obama became Job One.

Forgive my association, but it reminds me of a Pimp and his Ladies. Power, Fear and some narcissistic belief that he was their man. For all intent and purpose, Obama Pimped America!

These women, God Bless their little hearts were willing to institute the political chicanery Obama informed us that he would do. And who better than political figures that the media, and the opposing party would not vilify...for fear of being called called a myriad of Democrat Buzz words...Haters.

The fear by the opposition to demand equal Justice for Women and Minorities has created the model that Obama and the BIAS Baiters have used to force cash out of  the Public and Private sectors for decades.

Not one women caught in the act of corrupting her position has been prosecuted. Obama used his considerable skills honed in Chicago, the city of corruption to nearly take down America's Constitutional Republic. The Constitutional Professor...Ironic, or well planned?

I think we are finally Uncovering the Facts.

It can no longer be coincidental that the Amateur and Chief has left bread crumbs everywhere. The FBI, NSA, DNA, CIA, STATE and a host of other acronym Agencies Government wide has been seriously compromised.

This was a Silent Coup to weaken the TRUST Americans must have from government. Obama wanted to replace that trust with Dependency. Hence, Healthcare, Over-Regulation and a Stagnant Economy, no Job Growth and massive unemployment rates.

The Perfect Storm. 

Destroying the Middle Class was essential to his Plan. It's the Middle Class that is the engine of the nation and the Moral Warrior that Obama needed to Vanquish. There is no fear of the poor, or the rich, after all Government will take care of you from cradle to grave, and the rich only get richer.

The middle Class must be forced to accept concepts that are either an affront to their Religious Beliefs or sense of citizenship and civility.

It is with a sense of disbelief that nearly half of the voting population was brainwashed by Obama.

Once elected Obama used the Deep Pockets of American Taxpayers to buy loyalty from his constituents, Bad Actor and Foreign Governments that despised American Power. He bowed to World Leaders in his disingenuous attempt to win support for his One-World-Order Agenda. He praised countries with numerous Human Rights Abuses and coward from action for fear of disapproval.

Obama PIMPED America to anyone, anywhere all of the time.

His detractors were the enemy to be vanquished. And right up until Trump's Inauguration Obama was still involved laying his deceit throughout the Intelligence Community hoping that disseminating false facts an Dossiers he could somehow injury an incoming president.

Obama PIMPED America to Bring Us Down to His Level of Corruption. 

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

OpEd: I Want To Be A (Dumb as a Rock) DEMOCRAT

theodore  M I R A L D I.

Here are the requirements, absolutely necessary to join the march to Utopia. 

Hypocrisy must be your Personal Philosophy! 

Killing unborn children even after birth not a problem.  Chopping them up selling parts is honorable, and making others pay for the procedures is smart. In this way you're spreading the debauchery and creating plausible deniability if needed.

First though you need to teach all the young girls in the neighborhood that it's OK. After all it's about a woman's choice. If you can't fulfill this basic tenet, you're out and probably a Closet Republican, or Deplorable.

You also need to teach our children that having sex at any age is alright, because any adult knows that adolescents act in the most responsible manner. And same sex marriage is fun.

While we are on children, sorry if you can't Read, or Write, the Good Lord gave you Thumbs, we need the tax dollars for our salaries and perks. No to worry, flipping burgers will get you a good paying $15 an hour. Don't be so Selfish.

Moving on...

Climate Change, or is it Weather, has to be controlled. After all, the World may still be Flat, and we just can't stop those cows from farting.

If you don't support Open Borders, Mass Invasion by Anyone Worldwide looking for Free Housing, Free Food, Free Medical Insurance, and the Freedom to Kill and Maim American Citizens you're a Racist. After all, American Citizenship means absolutely nothing, and your vote really doesn't count, and there's no such thing as an ILLEGAL HUMAN! Ooops, unless you're a FETUS!

Legal Drugs for Everyone, Anytime and Anywhere. We need the cash to pay the Bureaucrats. 

You have to able to Rant and Rave about nothing and mean it.

Now the real stickler is Gender Bending. Today you're a male, tomorrow a female, or maybe just a preferred pronoun, or a combination of your choice. As Seinfield once said, 'There's Nothing Wrong With That.'

What difference does it make? Being Gender Specific will only cause you grief, and the list of names you will be called are too numerous to mention. 

The cost of being a Democrat these days is more than you think, it will cost everything ever fought for by those who came before you. 

Don't forget to add your Soul to the list!

Saturday, September 16, 2017

OpEd: The REGRESSIVE Progressives

theodore  M I R A L D I.

Obama's attraction on the do-gooders was his suave manner and boyish smile. These are great attributes to sell cars, vacuum cleaners and time shares, but not for real social change. Just ask any knowledgeable  Africa/American, Hispanic/American, and yes, young White Male. Obama was no more than a cheap suit who promised Utopia and delivered more poverty. He consumed 8 years of their lives and a future filled with regrets.

Of course the Demagogues will argue the exceptions to the overall data, but they only deal in the fractional spaces between the norms, where the modern day Progressive survives. They can no longer offer viable policy or explanations for the numerous failures featured in their "Give America Away" model. They are bone dry on Progress, and in their failures the past resurrects the call of Equality as if the world stood still.

Any fool with a 100 word vocabulary can sign into their narrative of failure. The Regressive Progressive ultimately has an expiration date emblazoned on their forehead. It's time will come and go.  Even it's most ardent supporters assume an irrelevant posture when their time is up. They do the Trotsky, sit on the sidelines and snipe at the world.

What we are witnessing today, is far worse than the Hippies, Black Panthers and the Social Warriors of the Vietnam War. The young are always easily led into hell by a new shiny evil that awaits every generation. Unfortunately this Evil is insidious and discards the future with no regret. 

The Obama Perfunctory was no less careless in its empty promise. The Rich got Richer and the Poor got Poorer. How's that for Social Justice you young Anarchist. 

Not alone in this charade of Equality, Obama solicited Tech Giants like Facebook, Google and Apple to pull the wool over the eyes of American youth. These new seducers offer no more than an Addiction, the New Opiate of the Masses. 

They would have our children Beg, Borrow, and Steal to become part of this heartless mass of Group Thinkers to Assimilate and join the road to No-Where.

What can they be thinking? Is the world moving too fast for their liking? So they destroy it instead of formulation solutions for a better future.

It should be clear to all that this model of Creative/Destruction works hand in hand with a narrative of how to Bully the opposition into Submission. We don't get what we want, we destroy citizenship, we don' get what we want, we allow our nation to be invaded, we don't get what we want we Rob, Steal, Loot, Rape, Murder and Plunder like the Days of Old.

WHY? Because they are the Regressive Progressives that offer nothing of Value but the Darkness of Failure.

Saturday, September 9, 2017


theodore  M I R A L D I.

Everywhere and Anywhere you go, you are surrounded by Smartphones. I have concluded the these phones are far smarter than those using them. Being technologically savvy isn't an natural extension of its user.

The only real qualification to master the gizmo world is a pair of mobile thumbs. Let's be clear, a vast majority of this new sophisticated world are playing Candy Crush and a host of inane childhood characters chasing, or catching something. 

I must admit, it keeps me a bit safer out in public unless a human crash occurs. Then the anger and indignity of having to say excuse to the new world human android, may be what saves me from a tirade of insults. I've even been called a racist for castigating a lug of a different hue.

People, admit it, you are totally brainwashed and lost by the likes of the Tech Giants who see Dollars signs and not Thumbs. 

Believe it or not, I rarely see people on the train reading a book, sometimes a newspaper. My inner voice sometimes compels me to issue a quiet warning, 'Put the book away before someone sees you' in order to void conflict. I just think it.

My world is filled with every type of Immigrant under the Sun. And in some ways the look of it all is reminiscent of  my childhood on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Second Generation somewhat mobile people trying to do their best to fit in, yet obvious not to. 

They want you to know they have the most update Gadgets money can buy, and they flaunt it. Ask them to construct an easy sentence and what comes out is a jumble of unassociated terms, slogans,
parts of rap songs that no-one but themselves understands.

My point being, thumbs are useful. But having a cogent socially integrated brain is a must.

My advice, get risque read a book occasionally. Give your thumbs a rest!