Wednesday, September 20, 2017

OpEd: I Want To Be A (Dumb as a Rock) DEMOCRAT

theodore  M I R A L D I.

Here are the requirements, absolutely necessary to join the march to Utopia. 

Hypocrisy must be your Personal Philosophy! 

Killing unborn children even after birth not a problem.  Chopping them up selling parts is honorable, and making others pay for the procedures is smart. In this way you're spreading the debauchery and creating plausible deniability if needed.

First though you need to teach all the young girls in the neighborhood that it's OK. After all it's about a woman's choice. If you can't fulfill this basic tenet, you're out and probably a Closet Republican, or Deplorable.

You also need to teach our children that having sex at any age is alright, because any adult knows that adolescents act in the most responsible manner. And same sex marriage is fun.

While we are on children, sorry if you can't Read, or Write, the Good Lord gave you Thumbs, we need the tax dollars for our salaries and perks. No to worry, flipping burgers will get you a good paying $15 an hour. Don't be so Selfish.

Moving on...

Climate Change, or is it Weather, has to be controlled. After all, the World may still be Flat, and we just can't stop those cows from farting.

If you don't support Open Borders, Mass Invasion by Anyone Worldwide looking for Free Housing, Free Food, Free Medical Insurance, and the Freedom to Kill and Maim American Citizens you're a Racist. After all, American Citizenship means absolutely nothing, and your vote really doesn't count, and there's no such thing as an ILLEGAL HUMAN! Ooops, unless you're a FETUS!

Legal Drugs for Everyone, Anytime and Anywhere. We need the cash to pay the Bureaucrats. 

You have to able to Rant and Rave about nothing and mean it.

Now the real stickler is Gender Bending. Today you're a male, tomorrow a female, or maybe just a preferred pronoun, or a combination of your choice. As Seinfield once said, 'There's Nothing Wrong With That.'

What difference does it make? Being Gender Specific will only cause you grief, and the list of names you will be called are too numerous to mention. 

The cost of being a Democrat these days is more than you think, it will cost everything ever fought for by those who came before you. 

Don't forget to add your Soul to the list!

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