Saturday, September 16, 2017

OpEd: The REGRESSIVE Progressives

theodore  M I R A L D I.

Obama's attraction on the do-gooders was his suave manner and boyish smile. These are great attributes to sell cars, vacuum cleaners and time shares, but not for real social change. Just ask any knowledgeable  Africa/American, Hispanic/American, and yes, young White Male. Obama was no more than a cheap suit who promised Utopia and delivered more poverty. He consumed 8 years of their lives and a future filled with regrets.

Of course the Demagogues will argue the exceptions to the overall data, but they only deal in the fractional spaces between the norms, where the modern day Progressive survives. They can no longer offer viable policy or explanations for the numerous failures featured in their "Give America Away" model. They are bone dry on Progress, and in their failures the past resurrects the call of Equality as if the world stood still.

Any fool with a 100 word vocabulary can sign into their narrative of failure. The Regressive Progressive ultimately has an expiration date emblazoned on their forehead. It's time will come and go.  Even it's most ardent supporters assume an irrelevant posture when their time is up. They do the Trotsky, sit on the sidelines and snipe at the world.

What we are witnessing today, is far worse than the Hippies, Black Panthers and the Social Warriors of the Vietnam War. The young are always easily led into hell by a new shiny evil that awaits every generation. Unfortunately this Evil is insidious and discards the future with no regret. 

The Obama Perfunctory was no less careless in its empty promise. The Rich got Richer and the Poor got Poorer. How's that for Social Justice you young Anarchist. 

Not alone in this charade of Equality, Obama solicited Tech Giants like Facebook, Google and Apple to pull the wool over the eyes of American youth. These new seducers offer no more than an Addiction, the New Opiate of the Masses. 

They would have our children Beg, Borrow, and Steal to become part of this heartless mass of Group Thinkers to Assimilate and join the road to No-Where.

What can they be thinking? Is the world moving too fast for their liking? So they destroy it instead of formulation solutions for a better future.

It should be clear to all that this model of Creative/Destruction works hand in hand with a narrative of how to Bully the opposition into Submission. We don't get what we want, we destroy citizenship, we don' get what we want, we allow our nation to be invaded, we don't get what we want we Rob, Steal, Loot, Rape, Murder and Plunder like the Days of Old.

WHY? Because they are the Regressive Progressives that offer nothing of Value but the Darkness of Failure.

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