Saturday, September 9, 2017


theodore  M I R A L D I.

Everywhere and Anywhere you go, you are surrounded by Smartphones. I have concluded the these phones are far smarter than those using them. Being technologically savvy isn't an natural extension of its user.

The only real qualification to master the gizmo world is a pair of mobile thumbs. Let's be clear, a vast majority of this new sophisticated world are playing Candy Crush and a host of inane childhood characters chasing, or catching something. 

I must admit, it keeps me a bit safer out in public unless a human crash occurs. Then the anger and indignity of having to say excuse to the new world human android, may be what saves me from a tirade of insults. I've even been called a racist for castigating a lug of a different hue.

People, admit it, you are totally brainwashed and lost by the likes of the Tech Giants who see Dollars signs and not Thumbs. 

Believe it or not, I rarely see people on the train reading a book, sometimes a newspaper. My inner voice sometimes compels me to issue a quiet warning, 'Put the book away before someone sees you' in order to void conflict. I just think it.

My world is filled with every type of Immigrant under the Sun. And in some ways the look of it all is reminiscent of  my childhood on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Second Generation somewhat mobile people trying to do their best to fit in, yet obvious not to. 

They want you to know they have the most update Gadgets money can buy, and they flaunt it. Ask them to construct an easy sentence and what comes out is a jumble of unassociated terms, slogans,
parts of rap songs that no-one but themselves understands.

My point being, thumbs are useful. But having a cogent socially integrated brain is a must.

My advice, get risque read a book occasionally. Give your thumbs a rest!

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