Saturday, October 28, 2017

OpEd: The Best Defense, Is OFFENSIVE

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theodore  M I R A L D I.

Please stop that verbal garbage coming from that pea-sized brain that inhibits you.

I long for the phrase. expletives deleted to return, it was the worse my not so virgin ears had to deal with. Having my imagination filled in the blanks. 

The verbal assault that originated in the gutters of unsocialized culture has hit main-stream, and yes, main-street. There seems to be a lack of dignity among some people who will say Anything to Anyone, Anywhere. And they just don't give a damn if your 5 year old is within earshot.

Even at my age, I tend to cringe at language that validates social evolution is stuck on stupid.

And although the outbursts from the gutter rats is offensive by design, it is the nature of the beasts who dwell among us.

I recently read an article in a publication that escapes me, that professed foul mouthed people are more intelligent. Although constructing a non-offensive sentence was beyond their abilities.

So here we are, in the middle of an expletive deleted, category 5, you know what storm, that refuses civility from those who travel the Delusional High Road. 

As Michele Obama has schooled us, You go Low, We go Lower analogy.

The foul mouth Left is in lock-step with some primordial entity that demands it be heard not matter what. It has become easier with frequency to identify its intent. Based on little more than some form
of emotional breakdown, now commonplace. Critics of Good Behavior and Respectful Discourse are out of control.

Never let the facts get in the way.

Someone should illuminate their dysfunction. 

One can Insult another with Proper Language as well.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

OpEd: TRUTH Will NOT Set Them Free


theodore  M I R A L D I.

We may be facing a course correction in American Society and Culture. There certainly is enough data and information available to pinpoint the nation's decline in Culture, Civility, and Erosion of
Lawful Conduct to fully understand what has gone wrong.

And gone WRONG it has!

The Outright Abuse of Power by the Obama Administration is as plain as the nose on your face. No-one at this juncture of Investigations and Public disclosures can faithfully deny the truth.

Obama and his band of Misfits took a knife and hacked the Constitution to near death.

Through Lies, Secrecy, Omission and plain Criminal Behaviors, the Obama Left had a plan, and that plan was to destroy Civil Obedience and hand-pick the laws that promoted their Socialist Agenda.

As I have stated many times before, Obama purposely polluted our Institutions to weaken the Public Trust in Government. And the Hapless Republicans played along for fear that they would become the next target of an administration that enjoyed punishing those who disagreed.

The Democrats ran roughshod over Congress with EO's and Bureaucratic Regulations to weaken the nations' ability to recuperate from the recession. They literally gave money to anyone who would institute policy in the Public and Private sectors that supported dismantling Economic and Social

This was done with both Domestic and Foreign Partners who had recent or, historic beefs with our nation. From Russia to Iran, there appears to have been activity by the Obama Administration to even the score. It's what Obama was trained to do as a Community Organizer, to disrupt the system any way necessary to fulfill the goal. 

And we know the goal was to FUNDAMENTALLY TRANSFORM AMERICA!

Not only did they distrust their enemies, but they distrusted their own party, to the tune of rigging primaries to get Hillary Clinton the Democrat Nomination. The Collusion within their own Party should set the record straight regarding their intent. It was Hillary, or Bust!

And Bust it Did!

So sure of their success to get Hillary Clinton elected, built upon the bully tactics, we only see in Third World Banana Republics, they became so emboldened they actually felt invincible. And that's when it went all wrong. 

They felt with Corrupt Hillary at the helm, all their corruption could be controlled.

While in power they were able to control the DOJ, FBI and many of the Intelligence Services. After all, they all agreed on an Ideological level, from Government Attorneys to Snoops, the FIX was in.

Obama had already seeded the Judiciary with Left leaning activists Judges that would stall any attempts to over-turn his Edicts or Failed Policy i.e. Obamacare.

Now operating with reckless abandon the Administration bolstered by the Party ram-roded Socially Engineered Buffoonery down the throats of the American Public.

It appalls me, that with all the serious problems our nation has faced, and the addition $10 trillion added to our Deficit, nothing of any consequence had been accomplished. 

No Infrastructure, Shovel Ready jobs or monumental discoveries that would change the course of human existence. Only Transgender Bathrooms, and $120 Billion in CASH to Iran, the leading supporter of Terrorism around the World. Not to mention numerous assaults upon the Freedoms and Liberties of Americans.

It's become a real job keeping up with the revelations now coming out of the woodwork. And it's just what the American Public has known all along.

Obama's Administration was built upon the concept of disruption and not unity. All the catchy phrases and misdirection will not save him from the truth. 

While the Elites live off the hard work of Americans, they will do whatever necessary to remain in control of you, and your tax dollars. By Lying, Cheating, and yes, even Tyranny!

In this case, the TRUTH will NOT set them free!

Sunday, October 15, 2017

OpEd: Thank You, Harvey Weinstein!

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theodore  M I R A L D I.

Who among us live in a glass houses? No-one to my knowledge, or experience. Our flaws sometimes out-weigh the assets we offer to ourselves and others. Sometimes these distractions overwhelm us and define who we really are. We can usually identify these patterns and make adjustments. 

So be it, the power of self examination can make us all better people.

Unfortunately this is not what we are seeing in many communities and groups throughout our nation today. The recidivism of negative behavior has become a cancer that will eventually kill the host and resurrect some basic understanding in the relationship between Good vs Evil.

The tables are turning as it has throughout history. Man has had his darkest hours before, only to be repelled by the spirit of good will and common sense. It isn't rocket science to know in your heart what basic premises promote healthy individuals and communities.

The Liberal axiom that anything goes is vanishing before our eyes. Lust, Avarice, Deceit, Dishonesty, Power and the disregard for Human Life has never had a positive effect on the Human Experience.

History is riddled with failure when these characteristic are mainstream.

So take a good look at what has happened to American Culture since the 60's.

Thank You, Harvey Weinstein!

The Women's Movement elevated women to their rightful place in a world dominated by men.

The positive advancement was obvious on every level of American Life. Women as of today hold more than 50% of all jobs, have real economic power and are more highly educated than men.

Unfortunately there have been some unintended consequences as well.

The Sexual Revolution could not have happened without the lessening of  resistance from women in general. Sex before marriage, long practiced was shattered by drugs, derailed inhibitions and more aggressive men knowing their chances had been advanced.

Thank You, Harvey Weinstein!

Promiscuity gained momentum and was in full swing throughout the 60's through the present. Sex had become an enormous selling point in all of the Arts. The Film Industry promoted Sex on the Big and Small Screens. Pornography was everywhere streaming on home computers to your children.

We have become Hyper-Sexualized.

The Social Revolution always starts with the Intellectuals in the constant debate over God. Any process of Faith is fair game to disprove. They feel no moral is better.

The spearhead of Sexual Abuse has been Hollywood and its minions. Add to it the drug crazed rockers and Legalize Drug Promoters. They work hand in hand.

To be sure Harvey Weinstein wasn't the first to abuse young people trying to make it big. Let's face it, succumbing to sexual abuse had become acceptable to even the most famous.

Thank You, Havey Weinstein!

Here's My Point:

The affluent Left have always been the largest perpetrators of social dysfunction. In my life alone, I have met hundreds of what appear to be Intelligent people with afflictions on numerous levels. It's almost normal for these people to look the other way when one of their own gets caught. 

That's because Integrity is for Everyone Else.

I don't mean to cast a wide brush on those individuals who do lots of good work helping others to achieve their goals. I have been the recipient of that good work. Often abuse in some form comes with help, either verbal, or physical especially if your shooting for the Stars.

It's hard to say no when you are down on your luck and someone is holding your next meal in their hands.

This is a Teachable Moment for ALL of US!

The likes of Harvey Weinstein have been running the show far too long. The list of his VICTIMS are as shocking as the list of his SUPPORTERS. That list has gone right to the Presidency. No-one for decades has outed Weinstein and the Evil he admits. The voices of Liberal Reason are the same voices who support the anything goes mantra of the Left. 

The adulation meant more than their souls.

So, take a good look at  Harvey Weinstein and the State of our Nation. 

They are One and the Same.

Thank You, Harvey Weinstein...

Sunday, October 8, 2017

OpEd: TRUTH Bares Down on Democrats

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theodore  M I R A L D I.

The Left's efforts to control individual narratives has been in full swing to institute their Darkened/Enlightenment Movement. 

This movement began with the Indigenous Tribes and the horrors they faced by the Colonization of the West. Mind you, in their minds these people were docile and welcoming. Savagery, Cannibalism  and Slavery were a Western Construct...ahem. 

Understand, the Left views the West as an Evil that must be extinguished and replaced by the warring tribes of lesser times. And all in the name of progress. No-where in their narrative of absolutism do they acknowledge the heighten individual freedoms of Western Culture.

They support the destruction of history as not to be held accountable for their sins.

The same Rights and Individualism they practice with abandon in the shadows, no matter the Law of Man, or God. 

What they are inclined to expect is a totalitarianism dictated by a less sophisticated intellect that promotes instinctual behaviors that change with the emotion of the moment, and not factual variables. 

A Quasi-Reality based on fragmented truths and outright lies. 

The Left has purposely, and with intent polluted the minds of our children for decades. Their ultimate goal, Omni-Humanism with no rules or guidelines that are dictated by Natural Science. 
If you can imagine it ... it is.

E Pluribus Unum is the motto of a nation that supports the health of a unified populace and, a truthful and trusted government run by Honest and Honorable Representatives. 

And although the Left owns stupid at the moment, the Right isn't far behind.

The nation is tiring of a system that appears to be getting worse. The fundamental changes needed to right the Ship of State are spelled out in our Founding Documents. To purposely work against those documents and Oaths of Office should be enough to disqualify anyone from serving.

When you speak, you're speaking for all of us!

The Left is Disintegrating before our eyes.

 Finally, Truth to Power actually means something.

Monday, October 2, 2017

OpEd: The Left's Decadence of Stupidity

theodore  M I R A L D I.

As Mark Steyn echoed this week, the "Left is Too Stupid to Continue." After 8 years of the Liar in Chief, and 30 or more years of leftist's educating our children, we have come to this. Our kids know practically nothing about there Heritage, National Identity and Position as a  World Power.

Each and everyone of us owes a debt of gratitude, not to Sports Figures, Movie Stars and the Politically Elite, but to each other. No matter what loose lips say, they didn't make this, WE did.

Using their extreme access to make visceral points with catchy phrases made in Media Boardrooms and Social Media. They can't help but make their foolish points about issues most do not agree about in a childish effort to impact the nation with false narratives. To them, the exceptions are the rules, and the norms are outdated. And look what happens, the majority of the public will always revolt against Lies, Self Promotion and Child-Like Rationalizations.

It isn't like we have ALL fallen off the cliff, or drank the PROGRESSIVE Kool-Aid. 

In this anything goes world, we are now approaching what I will call the Home Stretch. When taking sides is the right thing and the wrong thing to do. There are no sides, just degrees of understanding and working towards a logical quantitative solution. Hear that, Solutions.

The failures of the Democrats, Progressives, Socialists and Communists are cemented in time. No Ideology survives through repeated failure. And for our National Leaders to promote such absurdity is scary. 

We are a Great Nation because of Western Civilization, its beliefs and Cultural Norms. We allow others to join our way of life and enjoy our cumulative successes. 

Anyone from Everywhere in this World would rather be here in The United States than anywhere else. It is incumbent that our own citizens feed the flames of this nation. 

It is Treasonous for our Elected Officials who come from
Dysfunctional Cultures and Counties to demand we heel to their DEMANDS.

If the Price of Success is Too Hard, maybe you're needed somewhere else.