Monday, October 2, 2017

OpEd: The Left's Decadence of Stupidity

theodore  M I R A L D I.

As Mark Steyn echoed this week, the "Left is Too Stupid to Continue." After 8 years of the Liar in Chief, and 30 or more years of leftist's educating our children, we have come to this. Our kids know practically nothing about there Heritage, National Identity and Position as a  World Power.

Each and everyone of us owes a debt of gratitude, not to Sports Figures, Movie Stars and the Politically Elite, but to each other. No matter what loose lips say, they didn't make this, WE did.

Using their extreme access to make visceral points with catchy phrases made in Media Boardrooms and Social Media. They can't help but make their foolish points about issues most do not agree about in a childish effort to impact the nation with false narratives. To them, the exceptions are the rules, and the norms are outdated. And look what happens, the majority of the public will always revolt against Lies, Self Promotion and Child-Like Rationalizations.

It isn't like we have ALL fallen off the cliff, or drank the PROGRESSIVE Kool-Aid. 

In this anything goes world, we are now approaching what I will call the Home Stretch. When taking sides is the right thing and the wrong thing to do. There are no sides, just degrees of understanding and working towards a logical quantitative solution. Hear that, Solutions.

The failures of the Democrats, Progressives, Socialists and Communists are cemented in time. No Ideology survives through repeated failure. And for our National Leaders to promote such absurdity is scary. 

We are a Great Nation because of Western Civilization, its beliefs and Cultural Norms. We allow others to join our way of life and enjoy our cumulative successes. 

Anyone from Everywhere in this World would rather be here in The United States than anywhere else. It is incumbent that our own citizens feed the flames of this nation. 

It is Treasonous for our Elected Officials who come from
Dysfunctional Cultures and Counties to demand we heel to their DEMANDS.

If the Price of Success is Too Hard, maybe you're needed somewhere else.

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