Sunday, October 8, 2017

OpEd: TRUTH Bares Down on Democrats

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theodore  M I R A L D I.

The Left's efforts to control individual narratives has been in full swing to institute their Darkened/Enlightenment Movement. 

This movement began with the Indigenous Tribes and the horrors they faced by the Colonization of the West. Mind you, in their minds these people were docile and welcoming. Savagery, Cannibalism  and Slavery were a Western Construct...ahem. 

Understand, the Left views the West as an Evil that must be extinguished and replaced by the warring tribes of lesser times. And all in the name of progress. No-where in their narrative of absolutism do they acknowledge the heighten individual freedoms of Western Culture.

They support the destruction of history as not to be held accountable for their sins.

The same Rights and Individualism they practice with abandon in the shadows, no matter the Law of Man, or God. 

What they are inclined to expect is a totalitarianism dictated by a less sophisticated intellect that promotes instinctual behaviors that change with the emotion of the moment, and not factual variables. 

A Quasi-Reality based on fragmented truths and outright lies. 

The Left has purposely, and with intent polluted the minds of our children for decades. Their ultimate goal, Omni-Humanism with no rules or guidelines that are dictated by Natural Science. 
If you can imagine it ... it is.

E Pluribus Unum is the motto of a nation that supports the health of a unified populace and, a truthful and trusted government run by Honest and Honorable Representatives. 

And although the Left owns stupid at the moment, the Right isn't far behind.

The nation is tiring of a system that appears to be getting worse. The fundamental changes needed to right the Ship of State are spelled out in our Founding Documents. To purposely work against those documents and Oaths of Office should be enough to disqualify anyone from serving.

When you speak, you're speaking for all of us!

The Left is Disintegrating before our eyes.

 Finally, Truth to Power actually means something.

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