Saturday, October 21, 2017

OpEd: TRUTH Will NOT Set Them Free


theodore  M I R A L D I.

We may be facing a course correction in American Society and Culture. There certainly is enough data and information available to pinpoint the nation's decline in Culture, Civility, and Erosion of
Lawful Conduct to fully understand what has gone wrong.

And gone WRONG it has!

The Outright Abuse of Power by the Obama Administration is as plain as the nose on your face. No-one at this juncture of Investigations and Public disclosures can faithfully deny the truth.

Obama and his band of Misfits took a knife and hacked the Constitution to near death.

Through Lies, Secrecy, Omission and plain Criminal Behaviors, the Obama Left had a plan, and that plan was to destroy Civil Obedience and hand-pick the laws that promoted their Socialist Agenda.

As I have stated many times before, Obama purposely polluted our Institutions to weaken the Public Trust in Government. And the Hapless Republicans played along for fear that they would become the next target of an administration that enjoyed punishing those who disagreed.

The Democrats ran roughshod over Congress with EO's and Bureaucratic Regulations to weaken the nations' ability to recuperate from the recession. They literally gave money to anyone who would institute policy in the Public and Private sectors that supported dismantling Economic and Social

This was done with both Domestic and Foreign Partners who had recent or, historic beefs with our nation. From Russia to Iran, there appears to have been activity by the Obama Administration to even the score. It's what Obama was trained to do as a Community Organizer, to disrupt the system any way necessary to fulfill the goal. 

And we know the goal was to FUNDAMENTALLY TRANSFORM AMERICA!

Not only did they distrust their enemies, but they distrusted their own party, to the tune of rigging primaries to get Hillary Clinton the Democrat Nomination. The Collusion within their own Party should set the record straight regarding their intent. It was Hillary, or Bust!

And Bust it Did!

So sure of their success to get Hillary Clinton elected, built upon the bully tactics, we only see in Third World Banana Republics, they became so emboldened they actually felt invincible. And that's when it went all wrong. 

They felt with Corrupt Hillary at the helm, all their corruption could be controlled.

While in power they were able to control the DOJ, FBI and many of the Intelligence Services. After all, they all agreed on an Ideological level, from Government Attorneys to Snoops, the FIX was in.

Obama had already seeded the Judiciary with Left leaning activists Judges that would stall any attempts to over-turn his Edicts or Failed Policy i.e. Obamacare.

Now operating with reckless abandon the Administration bolstered by the Party ram-roded Socially Engineered Buffoonery down the throats of the American Public.

It appalls me, that with all the serious problems our nation has faced, and the addition $10 trillion added to our Deficit, nothing of any consequence had been accomplished. 

No Infrastructure, Shovel Ready jobs or monumental discoveries that would change the course of human existence. Only Transgender Bathrooms, and $120 Billion in CASH to Iran, the leading supporter of Terrorism around the World. Not to mention numerous assaults upon the Freedoms and Liberties of Americans.

It's become a real job keeping up with the revelations now coming out of the woodwork. And it's just what the American Public has known all along.

Obama's Administration was built upon the concept of disruption and not unity. All the catchy phrases and misdirection will not save him from the truth. 

While the Elites live off the hard work of Americans, they will do whatever necessary to remain in control of you, and your tax dollars. By Lying, Cheating, and yes, even Tyranny!

In this case, the TRUTH will NOT set them free!


  1. Awesome article Mr Miraldi, and totally spot on!!!

  2. Obama was the worst president that this nation has ever had.I could have died when he was elected a second term; lot of idiots and ill in formed voters going to the polls then. Now we have Trump making America great again. Give President Trump some time to drain the swamp of eight years of Obama-crap.

  3. The "truth" is certainly not their friend! But the question remains; will the "Deep State" protect all those who are perpetrators of corrupt, fraudulent, seditious and traitorous behaviors? We must wait to see. I shall remain hopeful. However, the Senate hearing this week with AG Sessions did not offer much encouragement. It appears there is intent to continue protecting all those owned by the Deep State, Shadow Government and Banksters!