Saturday, November 11, 2017

OpEd: BRAINWASH Redefining Human Behavior

theodore  M I R A L D I.

It doesn't take a Psychologist to see the behavior on the wall. Grooming the young with tried and true methods that produced descent adults is fading fast. Artificial Intelligence has become organic and unrestrained by human sensibilities.

The building blocks of Humanity are being stored in some virtual cloud no longer the human mind. IT devices that collect our every Thought, Text, Email, Cell Call and Strike of your keyboard is available to any demonic entity who in the end will use it against you. The result, empty headed drones unable to analyze simple components of individual thought, or logic.

We are being Brainwashed.

What are we doing? Humans have already been relegated to the Slavery of A.I...Is that the Grand Plan?

No longer in control of a mechanized society with integrated human social systems, the systems now in control do the thinking for a vast majority of the Modern World.

Some may not mind the forces of Good rummaging through your personal stuff, unfortunate many of the players on the Home Team have bad intentions. Globalists, NWO and Political Overlords harvest enormous sums of Data to pick and choose our Destinies. They want YOUR data while destroying their own to protect themselves from YOU.

If that doesn't raise the Skepticism Meter in your head, you've been Purged.

The politics of behavior has replaced logic and human social interaction. Being able to say anything, no matter how egregious or vile has a character of it's own. Being judged by your peers has become instantaneous and unending. Speak out of the Group Think and you will be bullied and attacked forever. It may even result in taking your own life in order to escape its vile intent.

Progress has its consequences, and the consequences are beginning to outweigh the benefits of Social Progress. What looms on the horizon are populations of babbling idiots, shells of self-determination and pawns of the Billionaire Tech Giants who view Individuals as Data to control human behaviors.

Not only do they take your Freedoms, but the Experience of a Natural Life as well.

Not subtle in their own evaluations of Artificial Intelligence outpacing Human Capabilities to out think us but, an advantage to be applied.

Turning the way individuals evaluate themselves takes years of trial and error. The some of ones experiences with others has helped develop the tool box we take into our adult lives and interpersonal and social deliberations. The roadmap we use is tailored to our understanding of the self. It is not a one size fits all existence.

Technology only advances the Dreams of the Few and not the many. We can see that in the bad judgments society continues to make under the guise of Progress.

It seems so much easier these days to abort children and negate societies responsibility to educate and nurture. We are approaching the ability to create new life forms

I.T.  has put our nation at serious risk and its use to eradicate social interaction  has diminished our children's ability to think for themselves.

And if this isn't bad enough.

Add to this the widespread embrace of Political Corruption that validates every kind of extreme behavior leading to a Revolution of the Natural Mind, to Class based stratification of the past, that proscribes your place in the community. 

Once relegated to this, our ability to participate in the future becomes non-existent and nearly impossible to reverse. Just ask others who have lived to tell the horrors of imprisonment within their own borders by their own government who worked to Politicize your thoughts.   

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