Saturday, November 18, 2017

OpEd: The Success of LUST

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theodore  M I R A L D I.

Sexually Abuse has no boundaries. it's the silent addiction practiced mostly behind closed doors. An addiction sworn to secrecy by a world of depravity that surrounds us all. Fed by Trillion Dollar Industries that include Pornography, Motion Pictures, TV, Games and yes, the failure of individuals to respect personal boundaries.

This age old human parasite has plagued the hearts and minds of the greatest societies the world has known. Just peruse the lives of Caligula, Alexander the Great. Lust and Power occupy the same bed. Lust is one of the 7 Deadly Sins.

Why does this matter in today's society?

From the look of today's headlines that should be evident to anyone. In particular one who has been sexually abused, harassed and treated like chattel by either men, or, women. You see, Lust is Gender Neutral. It's power is a force that humanity still hasn't come to terms with, and perhaps never will.

It touches everyone.

And few have the courage to confront it.

Blaming the victim has been the choice of many. It's the easy way out. The coward's excuse.

Sexual harassment may have some biological components. The Rape of entire countries, and communities of women, by conquering soldiers was part of the Treasures of Triumph and Power.

Yet, that was then. What we are seeing today, is a society that makes it much easier for the predator to find his prey. Perhaps the victims play a larger role than they did in the past. Perhaps unbeknownst to them, or even promoted.

Modern Day Society is Hyper-Sexualized in every sense of human existence. There are forces that take advantage of our frailties at early developmental stages.  It becomes insidious, as we view the world around us, filled with triggers that demand satisfaction. 

Lust is part of that demand. 

There is no longer choice in repeat behaviors, it becomes an automatic response. This is why Lust is so powerful. Sex can sell you anything it commands.

How unfortunate, our culture has embraced such primitive responses. We are being programmed to become more mechanical and less cerebral. The only requirement for Lust, are the willing and unwilling.

To some it doesn't matter. 

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