Saturday, December 2, 2017

OpEd: Immigration, One Way Ticket SOLUTION

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theodore  M I R A L D I.

What new humiliation does the Left want American Citizens to swallow? The Kate Steinle verdict is just one more nail in our nation's coffin. Take note, the Left will not stop without a major change in the collective consciousness of Americans.

The PC Bullies have administered yet another spoon of poison in order to diminish Law & Order within our communities. The sheer audacity of the Kate Steinle verdict should make the sane among us stand and be heard.

In what alternate reality does an Illegal Alien with 7 Felony Convictions, Deported 6 times, and in possession of a stolen firearm, get away without at least a Manslaughter charge? As we already know, the State of California is at full throttle to subvert Federal Immigration Law by declaring itself a Sanctuary State. 

The Real meaning of Sanctuary State in California is, sanctuary from the Law for Criminals Only!

Now Foreign Invaders are being pampered and payed for by Law Abiding American Citizens.

Is this the Army of the New Confederacy being preened by California's Murderers, Rapists and Thieves? While California teeters on the verge of Default, fomenting a Civil War will not be in its best interests, Only a fool could think otherwise. Cheap Labor has enormous drawbacks to our Social and Economic Systems

The Fruit & Nut State has for decades added another dysfunctional community of Welfare recipients that drain the State Treasury and demand Rights, or else. This is a volatile mix of those who think they have nothing to lose. Millions of Illegals en-mass literally take over entire communities and Alienate Citizens, by  Language and Culture.

You must concede, that anyone who is serious about becoming part of the existing fabric of this nation would do anything necessary to insure the future for themselves and their children.

The Magical Thinking interlopers are being fanned by every other minority subculture from Coast to Coast. The paymasters are groups funded by George Soros, Media Matters, Communists and Socialists who are acting in concert to destroy not only California, but the entire United States.

The Killing of Innocent American Citizens who want to live in peace and safety are the first casualties of the coming storm. The Killing of Police Officers and rampant Civil Disobedience are the birth pains of an Insurrection.

This is not just about the loss of Kate Steinle. This is about the loss of hundreds and maybe thousands of American Citizens brutalized by an invading Army of non-compliant Law Breakers who have little respect for our nation.

I support a One Way Ticket Solution to those who have not, and will not register with Immigration.

I support sanctions for the Law Breakers and their Immediate Family for a period of Ten Years. 

I support Federal Identification Cards with Facial Recognition and Bio-Initials (DNA).

I support a Wall with a Door for Law Abiding, Legal Immigrants.

I support the Sovereignty of the nation that my Immigrant Grandparents and their families worked for and served to fulfill their American Dream.

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