Saturday, December 16, 2017

OpEd: Political Suicide, OJ Style

theodore  M I R A L D I.

How is it you can draw a straight line from one incident to another, and those on the Left look hopelessly perplexed. My concern at this point is, these behaviors are so fictionalized that no amount of Empirical Evidence will turn on the Logic Light.

Let's be clear, there is so much evidence of powerful people within our Government intentionally tried to Rig a Presidential Election. And guess what? It wasn't a Russian! This is the political version of the OJ Trial. Luckily there are no dead bodies, just character assassinations. 

No need to possess a Dick Tracy Decoder Ring on this caper. Officials from the Obama Administration, the DNC, Hillary's Campaign, Individuals from the FBI, and DOJ were actively, and seditiously in concert to get Hillary elected and relegate the Trump Candidacy to the Political scrap heap. 

Chicken Little is a Democrat, everything is apocalyptic from DACA to Tax Reform. 

Never mind the awkward Demobrats eating their words to show us proof of life. It just isn't going to happen. If that isn't dysfunctional enough, the frenzy to destabilize the character and reputation of our Political System into something Chaotic is running smoothly in Democrat Controlled Communities with Free Documents and Entitlements to Illegals. 

Come on people, can you see no Red Flags to their True Intent. All one needs to do is look at the players. This foul smell of those who work feverishly towards One World Government. And, it's not just the Left.

This zeal to Unisex the World into drone like humans is no better than Cults that demand you Obey into Oblivion.

Expecting certain people to come clean is your fiction, after all most of these creatures are Lawyers where Adversarial Systems replace Ethical Standards.

The only way to break this Fever is to Indict people associated with the attempt to overthrow Civil, Political and Legal Order. These actors have gotten so aggressive with the tools that government meant to protect the Public with, that their arrogance, will not flinch without Jail Time and Public Shaming. 

Are you beginning to see the OJ mentality yet?

Who says the Facts Don't Fit?

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