Sunday, January 21, 2018

OpEd: Democrats DACA DYSFUNCTION Hurts American Citizens

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theodore  M I R A L D I.

The United States was nearly dealt a Fatal Blow by the Reign of Obama and the Corruption of the Democrat Party. The Democrat Party is now a cult of zealots who would likely walk off a bridge if told to do so. This is the New World Order in full bloom. Big Brother and Despotic Rule.

No matter what evidence of hardship they impose upon the Citizens of this nation, they perceive themselves as some Higher Power being run by Illegal Immigrants, Socialists and Communist inspired Ideologues.

After Centuries of well meaning individuals passing the torch of the most successful nation in World History, we are now being dictated to by non-citizens and their one man, one vote fantasy. Our Founding Fathers and generations of Real Intellectuals foresaw the results of Power and Iron Fist Rule. Their wisdom has fathered a nation riddled with checks and balances to prevent exactly what is happening today.

But not so fast say the Democrats, the Constitution is a Living Document, and yes, it lives through Constitutional Amendments voted by the Majority of Congress, not by Illegal Aliens, and Miscreant Moralists.

Whether you believe it or not, millions of Americans are suffering from the lack of belief in facts.
Propagandized to focus on themselves, and the desire to satisfy a need to be right against all logic.

Half of our nation wants to validate ill conceived policy and personal behaviors at the cost of even tempered citizens who also believe in Freedom and Justice. These divides have existed throughout time.

They are using the same tactics that have been proven failures. In a community of the ill informed, and under socialized anything that feels good must be Truth. Unfortunately some-times Truth
is Painful and requires Hard Work and Commitment to overcome.

The recent circus regarding the Continuing Resolution is just another folly by the same actors. This Bully Style political narrative is always one-sided and fundamentally flawed.

No matter how this recent Resist Movement concludes, the President had nothing to do with it. The mean spirited Left only wants to inflict pain on the Republican Party for the 2018 election. They have no basis for not voting for Funding the Government. They oppose nothing in the Bill. They just want to add a slew of Social Issues that they themselves have done nothing to fix.

Once again, they prove that any life style, gender issue, race bluster, and now DACA will allow them to sever the cord of their elected responsibilities to run the country. Once again the Democrats feel Illegal Aliens are more important than the people who pay their salaries.

And once again they throw the nation into uncertainty for purely Political Gain.

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