Saturday, January 13, 2018

OpEd: The Progressive Dichotomy on LIFE, DEATH and Human RIGHTS

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theodore  M I R A L D I.

Evil narratives come with a variety of  Intents. The sleight of hand, the miss-direction, and the untold truth are just a few ways to overcome Honesty, Integrity and Ethical Behaviors.

Believe or not, even some Theological Philosophies acknowledge, and condone Lying to their adversaries to advance a false narrative for the sole Purpose of Deception.

Western Culture has come to the Crossroad between Sanity and Insanity. Words and Actions mean whatever some may decide, based solely on their Political or Personal Advantage. Playing fairly has turned to winning at all costs. Does this constitute good human behaviors? 

They are not small, or insignificant matters that these new narratives are being applied to. Life and Death is as visceral as it gets. The use of Science to extend the life of the rich,  while the consumption of Abortion, and Morning After Pills are the Common Insults.

These are the Implemented Policies of the Progressives, the Planned Parenthoods better suited to Planned Murder. Claims of Harassment and Abuse, while the Icons of  society walk around half naked to sell their wares to the public for cash. This hypocrisy has assisted Evil Doers throughout our History. The Fallen President, lecturing us on TV regarding his sexual behaviors, the dress and the long line of accusers.

You know Evil when a commonly accepted Law no longer makes sense. Just take Black Lives Matters as an example, Blacks murder Blacks at a rate that far exceeds any other ethnic group, yet they march for a fake narrative that doesn't fix the systemic problem of Black on Black Crime.

Failing schools and family life are unimportant. The cause requires some inward inspection, something Evil never will allow. 

The same applies to the Women's Choice Movement, we used to Protect the rights of the Innocent at all costs. Now the cost of  Fetal Parts is openly discussed as an asset to be bartered. These are Progressive Policies and False Convictions that fly in the face of Normal, Descent Americans from every community in our nation. Why have we allowed the dissection of our moral purpose to suit
those who wish to destroy what's good and noble about our human behaviors?

The ad nauseum surrounding these issues never get resolved purposefully. The continuing hysteria leaves no air in the room for the voices of reason.

Take Immigration, no policy should impose sanctions on American Citizens to benefit those who are here Illegally. Immigration should almost always yield a positive effect on American Culture and Society. Lawmakers who threaten to shut down the government and impose the will of those living here unlawfully are committing an act of Sedition by diluting the Value of Citizenship. 

Using Taxpayer dollars to fund a special group of Invaders seems very UN-American to me. 

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