Monday, February 19, 2018

OpEd: ADULTS Created the VIOLENCE!

theodore  M I R A L D I.

There are ways to help limit these terrible shootings. Many laws are already on the books that must be adhered to first. Piling on more laws that become arbitrary enforcement policies just aren't working any longer. We now have wide swathes of the population that lack the intellectual integrity to be promoting policy.

Now, not only do we not trust the government, but we lack the trust in each other as well.

My question is, Where are the Adults when children of high school age have become so disenchanted that they seek to harm each other? How far down the rabbit hole has our culture gone? We are a broken nation, that now spends more time debating Illegal Immigration, than the safety of our own children. Gun control only comes up after an event like this. Where was the echo from the adults when children in minorities are being killed every day for years in some of our most violent cities?

Our Representatives are too busy collecting cash from donors and not tackling real problems affecting our communities.

Where is the echo regarding violence portrayed in children's games, movies and rampant bullying in our schools and streets? The world is filled with Hypocrites who seem to be running our nation.

First we must fix the Culture of Violence that the ADULTS have CREATED.

Only then will our Children be Safe.

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