Saturday, February 17, 2018

OpEd: Hellfire & Hate, Children of POVERTY

theodore  M I R A L D I.

There is no Novelty in Minority Community Crime, Civil Disorder or Poverty. There are those caught in the trap of systemic poverty orchestrated by Democrat Politicians from California to New York. Imprisoned in systems so complicated Courts need to appoint Guardians, Legal Services, a host of  Social Agencies and NGO's just to keep more people off the streets. 

Approximately 15 million children in the U.S. live in Poverty. That's roughly 21% of all children. Most come from low income families who have very few options. 

This has been Democratic Policy since LBJ's Great Society. Poverty and Public Assistance are synonymous with Urban America

Just ask anyone living in Public Housing or seedy neighborhoods throughout the city. Living in Hell and Hating every second. Existing on Food Stamps and Rent Subsidies, to afraid to go out after dark for fear of being Shot, Robbed, or Beaten. 

American Citizens of all colors and creeds packed into Substandard Housing with no Heat,  Hot Water or Basic Security. Infested by Rats, Roaches and Mold. Living with Death, Drugs and Gangs have crushed the Spirit of minority communities across the country. Once great prosperous cities huddled behind closed doors and Forced Illiteracy, reared in Violence by governments who care more about the plight of Illegals than Citizen safety.

I'm a New Yorker, and the city of my childhood has been turned upside-down by Thieves, Charlatans and Bullies. Add Corrupt Politicians to the mix, and you have the recipe baked in Detroit, Baltimore, and Los Angeles. If  New York continues to overtax those who do work,  and those who believe in charity, New York will suffer the same fate. 

Charity starts at Home, for American Citizens who have sometimes struggled for generations. The Urban Phenomena of the Loudest, most Brash and least qualified are filling the Halls of Local, State, and yes, now Federal Government Agencies. The Nepotists, Anarchists,  Narcissists, Socialists and just Dumb are making decisions, not for You, but for Themselves. Just ask Americans if their lives improved under Obama's Anti-American tutelage.

If you worked within the government on any level, your life got better, for the rest of us, not so much.

The import of millions of Non-English Speaking Illegal Immigrants is destroying the safety net for many who have worked and contributed. Nearly 70% of Immigrants from Mexico are on some sort of Public Assistance. How does that square with our Vets waiting in line for Health-Care and Social Benefits thinly stretched across a new population of Welfare Recipients. How does that impact poor American kids?

Poor Americans now compete for low level, entry jobs with an army of Immigrants who will work for far less than the minimum wage. And yet, these are the people that your community leaders support. DACA...DACA...DACA is the charge of a party, that has not only lost control of Power, but of its Patriotic Duties to American Citizens. 

The misguided priorities of those duly elected by Citizens need to get it straight once and for all.

We demand your attention NOW!

Forget the Illegals for a moment, the party of Obama showed them just how important they were after his election. No Immigration Reform and Illegal Executive Orders that put a target on their lives. 

We have some serious problems that need immediate attention. Our children are nearly illiterate. Our families are broken apart by government interference. Our Culture of Exceptionalism has been brought to its knees.

There's Evil in our Classrooms, and we have become Too Stupid to see it!

Return our Nation to RATIONAL Norms! 

Hellfire and Hate has replaced Socialized Integrated Behavior.

Americans have Enormous Hearts helping those in need.

Isn't it time we Help Our Own.

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