Sunday, February 25, 2018

OpEd: High CRIMES Against Americans

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theodore  M I R A L D I.

I've been railing about those who represent the Public for some time. There's a marked propensity for Lawyers who are elected officials, who write legislation that applies to everyone but themselves. 

Only an Attorney would do that. I like to call them the New Nobles. A Modern Day Ruling Class that only the Rich and the Influential need apply.

Now it's gotten worse!

Anyone in America who wants power within their communities is going to Law school. Any Law School. What should be troubling is the level of subversion coming from upper echelon schools
such as Harvard, Yale and Columbia Law.

Public Service should be a noble endeavor meant to help the Public manage resources, not as method to become Rich, or Infamous ... The New American Pastime.

There is now a narrative for self promotion at any cost.  Although many politicians of questionable character have been elected, few unveiled their warts with such honor. 

And yes, it started with the Clintons and has become the mainstay of Liberal mumbo-jumbo to connect with voters who are also less than perfect citizens. The Democrats have an unholy connection with Criminals, Illegals and Alternative Groups that refuse to adhere to Codified Laws, or Moral Codes.

It has become common fact that the American Public has become Less Socialized, and more instinctual their behaviors.  

That being said, anyone with even a small portion of honesty in their character knows that we are being drowned in the backwash of insanity.

How is it that we have become blind to the Abuse of Power by those who control America's Prosperity and Cultural Norms? It would appear that our government has been seeded with Defense Lawyers and not Prosecutors. Prosecutors by definition Protect the Public from Crime.

Protecting the American Public from the Propaganda that damages our most vulnerable citizens is an honored duty. Our children are the future, and rely on adults to actively keep them safe.

Too many times the very agencies charged with the protection of the Public have turned up AWOL.

Local, State and Federal Agencies getting information that might have saved lives gets ignored. This has been Mass Incompetence.

The public is getting tired of hearing Lawyers Defending the Lack of Protocol by evading the Truth, or changing the direction of the issues. We have been experiencing this on a Grand Scale on nearly every investigation regarding misuse, or abuse of the power.

It's not a mere coincidence that the FBI has been in the middle of numerous investigations since the
Obama Administration.

The FBI withheld documents from Congress, the FBI acted as a Prosecutor investigating Hillary, the FBI did not convene a Grand Jury, exonerating Hillary before interviewing her, the FBI Destroyed Evidence, the FBI gave Immunity to Hillary's Staff, Immunity from WHAT? FBI agents actively communicated Sedition against an incoming President. Many of the FBI operatives involved have been demoted, or fired.


Obama Officials need to be held accountable for crimes against the Public, our Institutions and The Constitution. 

Trust in our Institutions Is Imperative to Good Government

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