Monday, February 5, 2018


theodore M I R A L D I.

So America, this may be the worst assault on our Constitutional Republic since the Civil War. And just like the Civil War the match that has lit this fire is Culture and its ability to take once sane people and allow the Evils of a Bad Idea to get the upper hand.

That upper hand didn't just start with Obama and his  perceived victims, it's been brewing with the liberal movement since the 60's with the Communists and Socialists movements of the McCarthy era. Little Joe scorned by the Left was giving us a preview of what was to come. The vilification of Patriotism was spawned and has crept into our Living Rooms, Board Rooms, and our places of Worship.

Power in the hands of Bad Actors will always yield some half baked narrative that doesn't stand up to Common Sense. Mind you, after thousands of years of Social Evolution and its necessary corrections, we are now on the precipice of Social Upheaval.

This is now a MACRO problem, not only for the West, but Worldwide. I'm not talking extinction yet.
Unfortunately though, we may be headed in that direction. And the signs are right here, in the nation that has been the beacon of Freedom and Justice.

First we have the Traitors.

And the list is long, from everyday people to the high and mighty. People willing to give-up their beliefs because of peer and government pressures. Fearful their everyday lives would be shattered without compliance. Trading their beliefs for some over-analyzed psycho babble outsiders says you must adhere to or else.

The powers that be in your local community may be on the wrong track, and it's the responsibility of the sane and logical to point out the inconsistencies and the abnormalities of their narratives. Not to do so, has already yielded the festering sore of irrational behaviors upsetting the Natural Order of Life. Giving up your responsibility makes you part of the problem, therefore a Traitor to your own Heart of Well Being. Resisting Evil makes this a better world for all.

The Tyrants.

Somehow lots of people from many stratas of the community have gotten away with outrageous behaviors that have recruited adherents over several decades. We call them Sub-Cultures no longer, the policies of Forced Diversity forbids us from analyzing and forming opinions on the negativity released into our Culture. Many would agree that the Minority seems to have too much say and power within the Culture at the moment. Praising Dysfunctional Behaviors by some communities has not made one bit of difference to those communities. The systemic problems they face are solely created by behaviors associated with Tribalism and Group Think.  Are the Bullies are winning?

Forget the Family, Disregard the Law, Destroy Property and the Livelihood of Strangers just because you can, is indicative of a failing Society that has been told to be tolerant to those who have no tolerance. The perfect example are the millions of Illegal Immigrants living within our communities.

Not grateful that Citizens have allowed them to stay, they have the temerity to demand rights and services that only Citizens are entitled to receive. The lack of Humility and Personal Responsibility are replaced with the arrogance of Totalitarian mentality that forever fails its adherents. Will they ever learn?

The Saviors.

Look no further than your hand held Flat Screen Gizmo glued to the side of your heads. The voices being emitted are your Saviors. The unfiltered Warbling of the Click Bait Media and Pundits extolling the virtues of Bad Narratives, when in Truth you're plugged in to the Resistance.

Whatever it may be ... Resist! Honoring your Mother and Father, God, Country and the Flag. These are the people that have brought you high taxes and Social Unrest. The Obamas, Maxine Waters, Pelosis, and Schumers. After 8 years of doubling the National Debt to 20 Trillion Dollars, where are the Bridges, Airports, Roadways and Rail Systems? The nation went backward on every Socio-Economic Data point under Obama. It's sheer fantasy to attribute any recent progress to the Left Wing Dreamers. Anyone who tells you, if only we could spend all of your money for a result in the not-so-near future, you are listening to a LIAR. Or that 20 million people here Illegally is Good for the Economy. We need to get our home in order. Taking care of American Citizens is why we have a government!

Legal Actions through Organized Policy Debate always yields Measurable Results. No-one gets everything they want. Some just won't accept it!

The Dreams of Americans are what make this Country Great!

Beware of the Traitors, Tyrants & Saviors!

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