Saturday, March 31, 2018

OpEd: Caligula was a PROGRESSIVE Liberal

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theodore  M I R A L D I.

Imagine that, the generation that was openly having sex in Discotheques, snorting huge amounts of  Cocaine and having Sex, in of all places, bathrooms around the world. Dosing each other with Quaaludes and Ecstasy and a host of other inhibition suppressors. Swinging and Wife Swapping became the thing to do. The loss of respect for someone loved, tore down personal interactions between the sexes. The Left and its Free for All narratives are still hard at work trying to devolve human behaviors to Pre-Civilization standards.

The devolution of Trust weakened our Common Bond. So after all, Free Sex has had an enormous price on society. There was no such thing as Free Love!

The 'Who or, What am I Today' narratives are more than just irrational, they defy Natural Science and
Psychological Health. 

The enhancement of the body by surgical means has become a Billion Dollar Industry catering now to both men and women. Narcissism is now an artform and its practitioners beliefs are centered  only on themselves and have little need for self examination.  

What's next? Painting human genitalia on the walls in our streets for our kids to see? Sounds more like Rome than Main-Street U.S.A. Wake Up America we are going the way of the DoDo!

Listen to your Inner Self, you know what I'm saying is True.

My generation pulled all the stops, broke every Taboo and forced this Debauchery they call Progressive Liberalism on Generations to come. The MeMe's of the 60's are still leading a band of Perversion into our children's classrooms. Their Cult like followers dancing in a circle chanting 'Death' to God and Country!

Something has gone terribly wrong and the Flesh Worshiping drones are Hailing a new Leader, and his name is Bureaucratica! Bureaucrats are feverishly working within the Inner Sanctum of Government extolling the pleasures of compliance to their will.

Anyone with an ounce of honesty can plainly see there is too much Violence, too much Sex, too many Drugs and no Consequences. This is a defining moment in human history, and its conclusion is always the same.

The Fall of Rome/USA!

Rome like modern day USA  was filled with sexual perversions from Incest to Homosexuality frowned upon for most in the Common Era.  Illegitimate children were put to death.  It take little time to review what is now common behavior and actively promoted in the Highest Offices of Power and in Mass Media.

Sex sold Then, and Sex sells Now!

History has given us a guide to enlightenment and the steps that need to be taken in overcoming our impure sexual appetite and worship of Hyper-Sexualized pleasures.

The Progressive Left allows the human spirit to become polluted with vice. In this way, they manipulate power over their followers who replace logic for emotive wants.

Not even under the threat of  death by Aids, Super Gonorrhea and rampant STD's has the march toward destruction been slowed. More young people are having unprotected sex, because it's what's promoted in everything that they see and hear.

The Progressive Liberal Policies are Destroying our Nation.

One Child at a time!

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