Sunday, March 4, 2018

OpEd: High & Mighty PROMOTE EVIL

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theodore  M I R A L D I.

Talk about the psychological sleight of hand being used on the idealists waiting in line to spew the rhetorical hate that now powers the Democrat Party. This is the party that talks about saving lives while actively supporting death. You may never hear the words, 'Abortion' is Wrong, or Take 'Illegal' guns from these criminals.

Why? Promoting Evil Promotes Power. Negative Power!

It's what Democrats need to do to win. Smut, Debachery, Sex, Trans-Genderism, Lies and Rhetorical Scandals. Just don't talk facts to the Evil-Doers. If you do they will immediately segway to some innane argument riddled with False Assumptions, or Pop Culture Logic.

Their heads filled with Propaganda from their leaders, repeat the drone of corrupt thinking and Group adhesion. Their Abstract Concepts and Word Codes may have rendered them unfit to think. 

To put it simply, many humans are no longer sentient beings, but creatures of habit. Unfortunate that only the power of sensation remains in a host of Communities and Public Officials. 

The loss of Perception. Reasoning and Thinking leaves behind only the Creature.

'You're not One of Us' mentality used to getting the many concessions Main Street has forked over just to shut them up! There are no longer two-way streets in America, only one-way narratives shouting to all who will listen, 'Do as I say, Not as I do.'

Half human, half bionic beings like the Borg of Star Trek saying 'You will be assimilated, Resistance is futile.' Just look around you, nowhere are children discovering this world on their own, nearly everyone is connected to the Hive of AI. 

And who sits atop the Throne of Information? Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram and others. Each of which has openly shut down the right of Free Speech and Conservative thinking.

Don't be fooled by the Subversive Pathology of community values, if killing unborn children now exceeding 60 million, or allowing our youth to gun each other down matters to you.

It's been Statistically Proven that it does not matter to them. 

Democrats have been at this for some time now, swaying Public Opinion with Untruths created from out of context narratives. Never retracting when proven wrong, is the behavior of Evil Doers. 

They Support the Industry of Death, and Champion its Members.

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