Saturday, April 7, 2018

OpEd: Border Problem? Send In The MARINES!

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theodore  M I R A L D I.

I've written several articles regarding Illegal Immigration and its effects on American Society and Culture. And while I'm Pro-Immigrant and welcoming, as many who know me would attest, the Illegal Immigrant situation must be dealt with in no uncertain terms. Why stop with the National Guard, send in the Marines! And although on the surface that may seem a bit extreme, ask yourself, how many American Boys, Girls, Children and Adults have died because of our porous Border.

Evil Foreign Actors knowingly and willingly killing our citizens is a National Security Problem.
It is destroying the FUTURE of OUR Nation.

What will the naysayers do when the next big Terrorist Attack comes through our Southern Border?

Anyone living within a community with Illegal Immigrants knows the truth regarding the pros and cons of people living under the radar: CRIME. And lots of it!

Our nation has always been built around Community, Family, Civic Responsibility and welcoming Neighbors. Illegal Immigration supports none of these things. Those living under the radar tend to forgo the natural assimilation necessary to enjoy our American Experience. And, anyone looking in from the outside, may be easily fooled.

Even speaking a common foreign language doesn't mean cohesiveness. Many don't realize that Spanish speaking people come from many different cultures, and some of them hold enormous predigests against one other.

The Puritan ethics that motivated a once proud nation, have all but vanished. And by no means were the Puritans perfect. However, It would be false to say that the moral and ethical adherence to founding values and American Lifestyle did not start with the Puritans. And although Culture has changed those values are still guiding the nation.

The act of entering our nation Illegally leaves No Doubt how the offender stands regarding our Laws, Culture and Citizenry. 

So, what we have today is a weakening of core principles. God, Family and Civic Responsibility.

Sound simple? Not likely, with the largest invasion of Immigrants coming from one region of the world. The Hispanic migration is the by far larger than any other in U.S. History.

Once again, I live in a minority community and get to hear complaints on many issues. The one issue that upsets many of my legal neighbors most is what the Illegal community is doing to them. They are Under-cutting their pay and flooding the job market by taking those low paying jobs that many rely on to feed their families. 

Yes, we are a nation of Immigrants, but Immigrants in the past by in large respected the Great Opportunity this nation offered those who were willing to follow our Laws, Respect our Culture,
and yes learn our Language.

These Invaders are Destroying the Honor of being an American Citizen!

There seems to be a lack of pride and self respect by many who arrive here with their hands out, demanding that hard working Americans pay their way. It is astounding that some State and Local governments funded by Taxpayers, deplete their funds by giving access to resources to Illegals. Local schools over-run by Illegals taking away the very advantage of those who are natural born. 

Show me a politician who supports this, and I'll show you what DISGRACE really is!

This issue isn't about compassion and understanding as the Liberal Media would have you believe. It's about America and the rights of its Citizens. When we have some in the government who profess Illegal Immigrants are more important to America than its citizens, we have crossed a line that must be eradicated as quickly as possible.

Don't be fooled by the emotive drama of children being separarted from parents, many of these parents sent their children into a dark and dangerous place to game our system. Believe me, I see it everyday, the hysteria by those who think a THIRD WORLD NATION is what the United States must become. Not thinking beyond their noses as to who will pay for their Freedoms when the money and our will to help those in need are exhausted.

This is the height of CORRUPTION by those who promote Sanctuary Cities and Free Welfare for all!


  1. Excellent writeup, Theodore. Eloquently expressed.

  2. We need to stop using their terminology. I too have no problem with immigrants, and immigration.
    We need to stop calling them "Immigrants." We don't have an immigration problem. We have an "Illegal Alien" problem. We shouldn't "assume" their status.