Sunday, April 29, 2018

OpEd: Progressive Democrats W/O BORDERS

theodore  M I R A L D I.

If there's one issue Progressive Democrats have taken too far, It's Borders. Not just the physical ones, but the physiological behaviors that's are necessary for living a healthy life. The anything goes mentality that initially renders one incapable of understanding the old axioms of, two sides to every story, and extremism will always make you enemies.

Unfortunately the left has been insulated from consequences far too long.

The so-called Champions of Desegregation, but openly practice it far beyond race alone. Not able to conjure up phrases that titillate the masses, they concentrate on one segment of the population and sow the seeds of contempt for those who disagree. 

It's time they are subject to Consequences.

Democrats literally can find something wrong with everything and everyone except themselves. This bunch of Ideologues are the product of Propaganda that sells discontent. It's core belief that the failure of others is something to profit by and exploit.

There is no balance if some-one must lose to lift others. Evening the score, and picking winners is solely the business of the individual and a basic instinctual need to succeed.

This Chaotic Mentality creates greater divisions between inter-group relations leading to fear the linchpin to hatred. 

The Borders of acceptable human behaviors are definitive for good reason ...  Organic Communities that rely on a symbiotic relationships demand one do no harm. 

These boundaries have long determined the success of some Cultures over others. Going native destroys the social evolution that has painstakingly proven its value throughout time in-spite of our failures.

Attacking Norms doesn't make one a Genius, just a Malcontent who wishes to create an atmosphere where they are not alone in their sorrow. 

The vitriol in itself should prove beyond any doubt that hating others has been deemed acceptable. Unfortunately for its practitioners, the wave will eventually drown them as well. The blow-back has begun, and the oppressors may very well become the oppressed. 

It has never been chic to live a life of double standards, nor should it. What's in the air can be felt without uttering a word. Something foul has invaded our common purpose, our sense of community.

We now know the antagonists...

They have no BORDERS!

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