Saturday, April 14, 2018

OpEd: WHO Are These People? LIBERALS...

theodore  M I R A L D I.

Since the Supreme Court Decision literally decided Bush/Gore the party of the Giant Ass, metaphorically speaking, has degenerated into a community of America Hating Clowns. You name it. They Hate It!

The outright mental breakdown of seemingly normal human beings is approaching critical mass. And although we are now getting a steady diet of crazy, it's what most of the rest of the World has been dealing with since Cain and Abel.

Is it the water we drink, or the food we eat? One thing is for sure, insanity everyday will not make us sane. Let's be perfectly clear, we are losing our ability to analyze the facts and come to rational, logical conclusions. Well, not all of us...

The Geeks are getting their revenge.

Those that are still able to count to ten without using their fingers are creating a New World. A World where they are the overseers of our every thought and function.

A World of 1's and O's.

The Ying's and the Yang's, the Alpha's and Omega's, the Black's and the White's.

Make no mistake, wander from their designated program, and punishment will ensue. And here's the rub: many of those with the most active thumbs are light in the grey matter. Willing participants of what they have assumed to be an intellectual endeavor that puts them at the top of the pecking order.

And here's the disconcerting point, AI has helped to accelerate the demolition of Human interaction.
Being able to speak to someone from Mars does nothing for the organic nature of community or, family. Being able to vent the adolescent proclamations with no consequences has never been a good thing to do. Face to face interaction takes courage, something seemingly in short supply.

It's no wonder that Hate Groups are getting larger and more vocal. The tribal instinct protects even the weakest group members to act out.

This methodology of communication is a step towards anti-socialization between groups. The proof is there to see, for anyone willing to learn. And the Party of the 'Giant Ass' is promoting it to seize power in perpetuity.

The actual language assumed by the Left is below common dignity and can only be dispensed while
in their safe spaces, unafraid of retaliation by those they have slandered, or destroyed. Honestly,  are these the behaviors of well adjusted individuals? These are a sorrowful mass of physiologically flawed people who in my humble opinion, are in need of therapy, medication or, both.

The simplest concepts of self respect have been driven from their narrative by bellicose actors who feel secure in their quasi-communities. They never venture out to engage in real debate, or dialogue where facts matter and emotive expletives are frowned upon.

When actually challenged by verifiable facts and data, they squirm like the snakes they really are.

So, who are these people that find fault at every corner except the one that they occupy?

We are NOT a Socialist country!
We are NOT a population of Cowards who demand safe places instead of Debate!
We are NOT Law Breakers and Bullies who Victimize the weak!
We are NOT a nation that rewards Invaders and Convicts Patriots!
We are NOT Hypocrites who Pretend in the Common Good and only care for the Chosen FEW!
We are NOT a Nation of Clowns!

We are CITIZENS of the Greatest Nation in Human History. And if that doesn't suit your narrative, we will gladly send you to whatever Sh--th--e Circus you choose!

And for those Colluding with Russians, Macedonians, Iranians, Syrians and the likes, we now have the documents to prove your guilt!

Wash that guilt off your face and come home.

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