Saturday, May 26, 2018

OpEd: The DRAFT; Give Our Children a FUTURE

theodore miraldi
Published 5/8/2015

Our nation is in the Age of Anomie. It has been 5 generations since the Greatest Generation experienced World War 2. The men and women who returned from the war are responsible for ending tyranny and giving us the nation and world we live in today. What can be said, is that our nation worked as one with intent and purpose that propelled us to supremacy around the world in every area of the human experience.

The innovation, education and nationalism created an atmosphere of success that pushed many to strive and achieve. This is what this country is about, making a better nation, and in doing so creating a safer world. 

As I stated before, we now live in the Age of Anomie. When people do not know their role in society. Not only do our children not know right and from wrong, but a vast majority of adults have been softened by opportunity and personal wealth.

Like all parents, we want our children to be safe and prosperous, but we live in a very dangerous world. Our nation is falling behind in every area necessary to maintain our place among nations. Our children are not the brightest anymore, or best behaved. Our culture has been subjugated by negative outsiders who wish to do us harm. Individual gratification means more that helping others.

Americans have lost their way.

Are we capable of defeating something evil like Nazi Germany again? I say no way! Americans are fighting with each other over race as well as a host of other social ills. We are no longer just Americans, we have been cut into a pie of many different cultures who can barely get along. I believe if we do not coalesce into one nation again controlling our future will be impossible.

As we decay into history there are evil people who will take advantage of our weakness. Nations are
approaching equality in technology and military might. Their strategy will be to defeat out technological advantage from the onset.

Our children have been rendered dumb by a political system more interested in maintaining power than propelling us through the 21st Century. 

We need to reinstate the Draft. There, I've said it!

Many of the men and women we continue to say we honor and admire came from our armed forces. Anyone who doesn't know that fact, will not understand my logic.

Our schools no longer teach the information a child needs to deal with this changing world. In many places in our nation police guard the doors to keep them in. Many of our children are close to illiterate. If you don't believe me, have a conversation with a young person from one of our Urban areas. This is where the majority of the population come. If you think they will be able to lead  us into the future, you really don't care about the future.

Nearly 18 million men and women fought in WW2 from 1941-1945.

  • 38.8% (6,332,000) of U.S. servicemen and all servicewomen were volunteers
  • 61.2% (11,535,000) were draftees

Our Armed forces are at a level that are pre-WW2?

The engine that ignited this nation into prospriety were GI's

Our children need to find a sense of responsibility to the nation. Service is a proven way to turn boys into men. It is better to learn the skills to become good citizens, than those found on some street corner.

 And if that time comes to defeat evil, our men and women will guarantee this nation will survive.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

OpEd: OBAMA...The BAD Premise

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theodore  M I R A L D I.

It's easy to feel sorry for the useful idiots, who by no means of examination, including the self, were so easily duped into supporting the premise of Obama. Let's be frank. There are few role models in the American Black Experience that can compare to MLK.

As Icons of the Black Community seem to come to some horrific demise regularly, Obama was a fresh face with, unrealistically no apparent baggage. That alone, should have raised some red flags. Yet, the Liberal Press began calling him the Messiah and Savior. The Left's expectations rose to Nobel levels without one Policy Initiative on Peace.

Obama's greatest asset was his Blather at a time when the opposition ran on the fumes of 911 and Iraq.  America had again been caught off guard, and was itching for a fight. In strolled a Progressive Socialist with a megaphone mouth bashing what American stood for, and how it failed the oppressed
minority. His mantra alone should have sent shivers up the spine of normality as he boasted, the he was going to 'Fundamentally Change America.'

The majority of Americans were shocked in disbelief. They whispered to themselves, that this could never happen. Well, it almost did!

His unifying mambo was a diversion, to buy the time needed to unravel the fragile union between the races. And on he went, coalescing every group that hated the norms and gave them that very voice of dissent to attack others. 

Only now, they had a President backing their dissent.

Obama the sly one, knew through his race baiting past in Chicago, that no-one would challenge him
for fear of reprisal. Americans kept silent in their nature, to give him a chance and not appear bigoted.

Obama fed upon that silence with Arrogance and Grandiosity.

His chin up like distant Dictators of 3rd World nations, Obama was never equipped to be a 1st World Leader. He traveled among the victimized and Anti-American troupe his entire developing life. One truly needed to be blind not to see the realities of the driving forces Barry held dear to his heart.

So Obama trotted in the slick sideshow of Big City Politics, Back Room Deals and Subversion of the Truth. Consequences for Illegal Behaviors were rejected. Corruption was his forte, not governance and surely not Duty and Honor. 

And after a 10 year ride on our nations credit card, Obama helped no-one in the long term, but himself. Racial animus grew and the nation was teeming with Illegal Aliens from Coast to Coast. The plight of young Blacks became Toxic, with Skyrocketing Unemployment and Black on Black Murder.

Even after his departure, our nation limps along with the constant drip of treachery orchestrated by Obama and his cronies. Plots, Sub-Plots and Illegal Take-downs were payback for non-compliance.

Obama was a bad idea in 2008.

His Hope was to deliver Dishonor, Distrust and Disunity.

We knew nothing about the man who continues to eviscerate our Institutions with Crime, Corruption and Deceptions. 

OpEd: New Meaning for Memorial Day

theodore  M I R A L D I.
Revised 5/19/2018

Memorial Day is one of the most solemn holidays in American History. There have been millions of sons and daughters who have laid down their lives for the Freedoms we now enjoy. The lives lost were the best our country had to offer, and they were willing to make the ultimate sacrifice.

Through history every American president realized this sacrifice, and honored our military by keeping and fulfilling the promises made to those who were lucky enough to make it home to their families.

We need to rededicate this promise to guarantee our military is equipped and ready to defend our nation, and national interests against those who wish to harm us home and abroad.

How fortunate we now have a president who professes love of our nation and
strengthening our ability to defend ourselves. More interested in making our military a lethal fighting force.

Our military has been depleted to a standing force less than was available before WW2, while our enemies ready themselves for combat. Our Navy and Air Force are cannibalizing mothballed fleets for parts, and are far below the hardware and personnel needed to defend us.

Let's make this Memorial Day Celebration not only for those who have lost their lives throughout our history, but for the future of our children.

We need a Commander and Chief that means what he says and has the full might of our  military to get the job done. Military might guarantees are Freedoms, Appeasement guarantees War!

It's time to Stop Apologizing to our Sworn Enemies.

God Bless the Men and Women of our Armed Forces.

Saturday, May 12, 2018

OpEd: Dems ROTTEN EGGS; What's Left to Like?

                                                            artist unknown

theodore  M I R A L D I.

There's one thing that has angered me throughout my life. It's hurtful people who are so insecure with themselves, that they purposely try to make others look bad, so they will look better. I've had my share of disappointment with friends, and even family. Now you can add to the list ...Total Strangers!

This is what Democrats have been losing their credibility over. Mean spirited criticism over the most inane narratives. Issues that adolescent children fight about in the lunchroom. Democrats have no policy, no real accomplishment in decades. And for those who would bring ObamaCare to the table, I admit it to be successful. Successful in destroying both the Medical Profession, Health Care Providers and those who were happy with their Health Care Plans.

It's wrong to punish one segment of the population in order to artificially prop-up others, who care little to advance themselves using their own merit. How can Success have so many things wrong with it? Those who cling to perceived  victimization  judge every nuance and hate anyone who has achieved it.

The left supports any language that diminishes the character of their opponents. Apparently, there is no behavior that exists which is exempt between friends, strangers and even lovers. From gutter talk to outright abuse of one another, that originates from a hateful space in their lives.

'I'll Get You At Any Cost.'

I've been verbally assaulted by strangers, who actually say bad thing about my mother. Can you imagine the diminished stature of a person who would do such a thing? It's all hate. All of the time. It has crept into every level of our social strata. America is sick. If this behavioral illness isn't treated, the patient may very well die.

Sarcasm and Irony make for great books, movies and the like, but turned into attack vehicles to destroy other human beings is just wrong. It promotes the darkest side of human behavior. It is an emotional disconnect from reality. Normal personal interactions have been sidelined by Text Messaging, Emails, Twitter and SnapChat. Talking on the phone has gone the way of the DoDo, and likely, so has the consequence of human interaction. 

The Speech Filters have been deemed Old Fashioned, and not be be taken seriously by the 'Children of the Thumbs.' Respect of any kind, has been brushed aside for Vulgarity and Impulsiveness. I for one, believe few Great Things will be accomplished by the return of Primitive and Hostile Tribalism.

So much talk about Community, so little Social Learning.

We are being forced to act beneath our capabilities for a reason...Pure Political Power!

Too Many Rotten Eggs Destroying a Once Proud Party.

Saturday, May 5, 2018

OpEd: Government STINKS From the HEAD

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artist unknown
theodore  M I R A L D I.

While the pundits search far and wide to explain ever growing political corruption, maybe it's time to take pause and examine the root causes of moral dysfunctions plaguing our Society, Culture and Government. Corruption has been codified. The Good Guys are actually the Bad Guys.

Systemic Corruption has bubbled to the top, starting it's creep from the Big City corruption into the National Arena. After years of voters looking the other way at horrendous outbreaks in Local, State and  National jurisdictions. Many Americans are Desensitized. Mass Murder, Terrorist Attacks and even Kids Killing Kids has the Nation reeling in pain and hysterical confusion.

Our Gate- Keepers are Sleeping with the Enemy and we are drifting toward Civil War.

In these turbulent times, the Public has looked to Government to fix what is sickening our Society.

And what have we stumbled upon?  The malaise of 8 years of explaining away the causes of unsolvable discourse, and hiding the truth. It's almost as if no-one has heard of Crooked Lawyers, Cops and Government Officials. Take a deep breathe. We have all 3.

And You and I did Nothing to Correct it. Up until now!

Too many alternative Realities will take us farther away from our Common Ground ... Truth. Caveats, Nuance and Evil intent have taken on a whole new meaning. Language, Sub-Culture and Personal Life-Style mean more than the Republic itself. Focusing on our Differences is tearing apart the very fabric of our nation.

 For that matter, so does the search for an objective Truth.

We are at a critical point of America's Republic, and some serious choices must be made. Since the election, our nation has drifted farther apart by way of Partisan Hysteria. Investigation after Investigation have offered no proof that our Siting President, or his campaign actively and with intent influenced the election with the  help of  Vladmir Putin of Russia.

On the contrary, after nearly a year and a half the Democrats are still in the Allegation stages, with no verifiable Evidence. What is disturbing though, are the revelations Documented with the Timestamp of Official Business. Memos, Warrants, Texts and Emails have illuminated the truth regarding the Bad Actors doing the business of the people.

What is factual, is that Russia since the end of WW2, has attempted to influence elections throughout the world. But guess what, so have we. As recently as Israel's re-election of Netanyahou. The Obama administration actively tried to disrupt his government by funding the opposition, with no outrage from the Democrats.

This is the way of governments around the world, from the smallest and underdeveloped, to the worlds Super-Powers.

Today there are distinctions that matter. We live in a Digital Conundrum where progress has put us on the path of self destruction. Much like Mythical Atlantis, we are seeding the fruit of annihilation.

What will we do when the Lights Go Out?

Far too many Egotists, Narcissists, Nepotists. Ideologues and Cronies have invaded our Public Institutions. Their quest for self-fulfillment has replaced Duty, Honor and Ethical Behaviors. Their
Allegiance no longer resides in our Institutions of the Public Trust.

When no-one was paying attention, a Civil War was being battled in the hearts and minds of a part of the population that would rather be ruled from Cradle to Grave, than by their own Merit.