Saturday, May 5, 2018

OpEd: Government STINKS From the HEAD

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theodore  M I R A L D I.

While the pundits search far and wide to explain ever growing political corruption, maybe it's time to take pause and examine the root causes of moral dysfunctions plaguing our Society, Culture and Government. Corruption has been codified. The Good Guys are actually the Bad Guys.

Systemic Corruption has bubbled to the top, starting it's creep from the Big City corruption into the National Arena. After years of voters looking the other way at horrendous outbreaks in Local, State and  National jurisdictions. Many Americans are Desensitized. Mass Murder, Terrorist Attacks and even Kids Killing Kids has the Nation reeling in pain and hysterical confusion.

Our Gate- Keepers are Sleeping with the Enemy and we are drifting toward Civil War.

In these turbulent times, the Public has looked to Government to fix what is sickening our Society.

And what have we stumbled upon?  The malaise of 8 years of explaining away the causes of unsolvable discourse, and hiding the truth. It's almost as if no-one has heard of Crooked Lawyers, Cops and Government Officials. Take a deep breathe. We have all 3.

And You and I did Nothing to Correct it. Up until now!

Too many alternative Realities will take us farther away from our Common Ground ... Truth. Caveats, Nuance and Evil intent have taken on a whole new meaning. Language, Sub-Culture and Personal Life-Style mean more than the Republic itself. Focusing on our Differences is tearing apart the very fabric of our nation.

 For that matter, so does the search for an objective Truth.

We are at a critical point of America's Republic, and some serious choices must be made. Since the election, our nation has drifted farther apart by way of Partisan Hysteria. Investigation after Investigation have offered no proof that our Siting President, or his campaign actively and with intent influenced the election with the  help of  Vladmir Putin of Russia.

On the contrary, after nearly a year and a half the Democrats are still in the Allegation stages, with no verifiable Evidence. What is disturbing though, are the revelations Documented with the Timestamp of Official Business. Memos, Warrants, Texts and Emails have illuminated the truth regarding the Bad Actors doing the business of the people.

What is factual, is that Russia since the end of WW2, has attempted to influence elections throughout the world. But guess what, so have we. As recently as Israel's re-election of Netanyahou. The Obama administration actively tried to disrupt his government by funding the opposition, with no outrage from the Democrats.

This is the way of governments around the world, from the smallest and underdeveloped, to the worlds Super-Powers.

Today there are distinctions that matter. We live in a Digital Conundrum where progress has put us on the path of self destruction. Much like Mythical Atlantis, we are seeding the fruit of annihilation.

What will we do when the Lights Go Out?

Far too many Egotists, Narcissists, Nepotists. Ideologues and Cronies have invaded our Public Institutions. Their quest for self-fulfillment has replaced Duty, Honor and Ethical Behaviors. Their
Allegiance no longer resides in our Institutions of the Public Trust.

When no-one was paying attention, a Civil War was being battled in the hearts and minds of a part of the population that would rather be ruled from Cradle to Grave, than by their own Merit.

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