Saturday, May 19, 2018

OpEd: OBAMA...The BAD Premise

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theodore  M I R A L D I.

It's easy to feel sorry for the useful idiots, who by no means of examination, including the self, were so easily duped into supporting the premise of Obama. Let's be frank. There are few role models in the American Black Experience that can compare to MLK.

As Icons of the Black Community seem to come to some horrific demise regularly, Obama was a fresh face with, unrealistically no apparent baggage. That alone, should have raised some red flags. Yet, the Liberal Press began calling him the Messiah and Savior. The Left's expectations rose to Nobel levels without one Policy Initiative on Peace.

Obama's greatest asset was his Blather at a time when the opposition ran on the fumes of 911 and Iraq.  America had again been caught off guard, and was itching for a fight. In strolled a Progressive Socialist with a megaphone mouth bashing what American stood for, and how it failed the oppressed
minority. His mantra alone should have sent shivers up the spine of normality as he boasted, the he was going to 'Fundamentally Change America.'

The majority of Americans were shocked in disbelief. They whispered to themselves, that this could never happen. Well, it almost did!

His unifying mambo was a diversion, to buy the time needed to unravel the fragile union between the races. And on he went, coalescing every group that hated the norms and gave them that very voice of dissent to attack others. 

Only now, they had a President backing their dissent.

Obama the sly one, knew through his race baiting past in Chicago, that no-one would challenge him
for fear of reprisal. Americans kept silent in their nature, to give him a chance and not appear bigoted.

Obama fed upon that silence with Arrogance and Grandiosity.

His chin up like distant Dictators of 3rd World nations, Obama was never equipped to be a 1st World Leader. He traveled among the victimized and Anti-American troupe his entire developing life. One truly needed to be blind not to see the realities of the driving forces Barry held dear to his heart.

So Obama trotted in the slick sideshow of Big City Politics, Back Room Deals and Subversion of the Truth. Consequences for Illegal Behaviors were rejected. Corruption was his forte, not governance and surely not Duty and Honor. 

And after a 10 year ride on our nations credit card, Obama helped no-one in the long term, but himself. Racial animus grew and the nation was teeming with Illegal Aliens from Coast to Coast. The plight of young Blacks became Toxic, with Skyrocketing Unemployment and Black on Black Murder.

Even after his departure, our nation limps along with the constant drip of treachery orchestrated by Obama and his cronies. Plots, Sub-Plots and Illegal Take-downs were payback for non-compliance.

Obama was a bad idea in 2008.

His Hope was to deliver Dishonor, Distrust and Disunity.

We knew nothing about the man who continues to eviscerate our Institutions with Crime, Corruption and Deceptions. 

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  1. EXCELLENT ESSAY Mr. Miraldi! Barry Soetoro, AKA, Barack Hussein Obama truly was the Manchurian Canddate and President! He damn near destroyed the United States, which was his intent from the outset, and he continues to try to do just that! He is the leader of the Deep State Silent Coup that is attempting to Impeach the biggest threat their kind has ever seen, and I believe that, failing in that, they will assassinate Preident Trump! We must actively and prayerfully protect the POTUS daily!