Saturday, July 28, 2018

OpEd: White PANTHER, Black KLAN

theodore  M I R A L D I.

As if by some Bizarre Event, a Cloud of Toxic Gas or some Unnatural Occurrence in the Cosmos, the Left now supports Antifa. The group of Racist Spewing Thugs,  Immigrants Shouting Racists, and African/Americans crying White Privilege. The Democrat Party has become its Ringmaster, its antagonistic Cash Cow!

If that were not enough, the redistribution of wealth and power recipients, are bullying the very people who have put the food on the plates of the disadvantaged for decades. In today's world the minorities of yesteryear actually think they hold the Keys. An Irony filled turn of events.

After decades of inclusion by "the Racists" (anyone not considered a person of color) are being excluded from Public Spaces by Force. This 180 in cognitive logic has become the New Pathology of the Black Klan. 

The Whiners, Complainers and Resisters are pushing the majority around. A Group cobbled together by the left of Miserable, Dysfunctional, and yes, Group Thinkers. Not willing to accept defeat or even compromise, they threaten the Soul of our Nation.

After 8 years of Delusions under the Obama Administration, the wretched want to rule!

No longer can you watch a Football Game without a display of Disrespect to anyone who won't bend to the New Black Klan. How unfortunate for a Nation built upon the premise of Freedom and Liberty for every citizen, that some in our Society have become Bully Socialists.

It's obvious to me that not many of these people have taken the time to read a little History. I suggest starting with the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 in Russia, or the Cultural Revolution in China under Mao. No need to Go further than Cuba's Political Terrorism against its own people. Those giving birth to and fermenting disorder are always the first to be purged from Socialist and Communist Regimes. Therefor, maybe it would be prudent to take pause. To learn and understand that these forms of Government do not tolerate RESISTANCE!

Enough of the New Black Klan, it's not going to win the hearts and minds of those who fear them not.

What it will do is inspire a Backlash. A counter movement from a vast majority of the nation. Those who will eventually strengthen the crooked path of unwise Mob Mentality.

The New White Panther Movement may become the NEW Social Justice Warriors. We all need to pray that this movement doesn't raise its fist in defiance to Civility or, those who do not look like them. A Multi-Diverse population that has been willing to tolerate the dog that bit the hand that fed it.

These are generations of Tolerant Americans on the receiving end of Reverse Discrimination.

It's nearly impossible to hear News Stories from The Mainstream News that doesn't berate "White Privileged" Americans. From our College Campuses, Work Environments, Social Settings, Mass Rallies, Entertainment and just about everywhere else Americans may have a chance to communicate. It's been 24/7 Hate on every corner!

What is truly disturbing, is that these Bullies are attempting to destroy what took all of us to build. Every generation has contributed to the success of this nation, Every Race, Every Color, and Every Creed.

The Obama Administration fermented Racism by any means possible. He used our Institutions to divide the nation. He called in question every nuance of Civility and Social Order. His methodology of making things worse collapsed our culture with Failure. The 8 years of Hating THY Neighbor is over!

In every cloud a silver lining exists, and with the True Hope of Fellowship we will return to our Better Selves.

Thursday, July 19, 2018

OpEd: Democrats HELSTINKI!

theodore M I R A L D I.

If all of the geniuses on the Left can recite the 2 plus hours of private talks between Trump and Putin they may have an argument to present to the American Public. A Press Conference has little to do with the substantive talks that went on between leaders.

The fact that American Intelligence sent us to war that killed thousands in Iraq has been lost in the assessment of the mindless LEFT. Intelligence assessments on Libya, Syria, Iran and North Korea have also been dead wrong for decades.

Add to it the current situation with former Intelligence Heads speaking out Publicly against a Sitting President, who sat at the table with the former Liar & Chief Obama, and just maybe a healthy dose of skepticism is in order.

None of the Hate Trump antagonists have told the Truth for some time. Why should anyone believe them now?

They are the instruments of deceit that believe they themselves must guide our nation even if it means the destruction of Logic and Common Sense. It was OK for Obama to speak to our Enemies and apologize for our History, Bow Down to Sheikhs and Kiss Rings.

These were the signs of Appeasement, where was the Outcry regarding the Puppet Masters of Obama? Why didn't the media demand an explanation? Please, 150 Billion Dollars in cash on the tarmac, not a peep. And the Left would have us believe that stunt was Presidential.

Why didn't the HEADS of our Intelligence Agencies call Obama a Traitor? Where was their Patriotism when Obama whispered in Prime Minister Medvedev ear that this was his last election, and he will have more freedom to do more. Which Medvedev responded, he would pass this on to Vladmir.

At no time in my lifetime have previous members of our Intelligence Community purposely use the media to call for Impeachment, Assassination, Military Coups and Street Violence. These are the forces of Evil who have weakened our nation at home and abroad. The Left has no Policy initiatives that resolve the issues Americans are concerned about. They feel that they have the right to Criticize, Insult and Threaten the Government and Elected Officials with no consequences.

There's Only One Way to Stop This Nonsense!

The DOJ needs to Indict, Convict and Incarcerate members of the Obama Administration. The DOJ must remove the gloves that the LEFT has relied on for decades. They attack Free Speech to protect their dysfunctions. The only way to fix their blackened hearts from attempting to dilute the value of our Society and Nation, is to abort them from the Public Sphere.

This would not be the first time in American History the Democrats and their foils needed to be curtailed, and brought to Justice. The Reconstruction Acts laid a firm hand on the Democrat Controlled South after the Civil War.

If these Abuses of Sanity continue, we may be revisiting a terrible past.

Saturday, July 14, 2018

OpEd: STRZOK by Lightning of BIAS

theodore  M I R A L D I.

Bias by Peter Strozk is Insulting. The evidence is right there for anyone to see. Hillary Clinton was under an FBI Criminal Investigation, Strzok was the instrumental that set her free.

The Judge,  and Jury did a complete 180 Degree shift on all of the evidence. After proving her Wrongdoings, allowing her Aids and Attorneys to sit in on her interview where nothing she said was immortalized. What about the Immunity...for What? 

We all know that the sole Intent of the Clinton Investigation was to give her a Summary Judgement at any cost. Like it or not, Peter Strzok was carrying water for the Democrat Party and Hillary.

My GOD, are you All Blind?

Mr. Strzok changed the final memo from a criminal Investigation to a slap on the wrist by changing the words from Grossly Negligent to Extremely Wreckless.

Gross Negligence is a CRIME. That's How MR. STRZOK used his BIAS!!!

Flushing hard evidence down the drain keeping Hillary Clinton in the Election, Peter Strzok and his Plaything Lisa Page were complicit in Obstructing Justice using the FBI as the bailiwick of their Illegal action.

His portrayal of himself as a Red Blooded American Patriot, and the Institution of the FBI's goodness is a guise we've seen by another disgraced employee...James Comey. How the FBI does no wrong, and stands for Freedom and Justice was for the American Public to hear. The content of his answers were shouted down by a chorus of Left Wing Demagogues who more and more resemble a Third World Audience. An audience with forked tongues and flawed concepts of truth.

What Strzok and Page did was worst than any other intrusion into our political process by any actors. These are people we are suppose to trust, after all they work for the FBI! 

The lack of personal character by these two degenerate souls has showered the American Public with their unrepentant shame. All relationships in Life are built upon Trust. Maybe someone should ask their unsuspecting spouses what they think?

This is but the tip of the Corruption left behind by the former 'Corrupter & Chief' the maybe Christian, maybe Muslim socialist. Actions always speak louder than words!

Who hasn't heard enough?

Sunday, July 8, 2018

OpEd: Roe v Wade, the LEFT and KIDS

Image result for poor american children

theodore  M I R A L D I.

The idea that the Left is synonymous with the welfare of children is nothing but a crock of false narratives. The only welfare they are concerned with is their own...the ME! Self centered, arrogant
and sometimes dumb as a rock, the Left considers itself closer to GOD then the rest of us. 

Not the same GOD we all imagine. They themselves are GOD.

And in being God, they know the value of Life. Their Lives, not Ours, or those they have Snuffed Out. The toll may have exceeded 60 million. I imagine most would have been fellow citizens
working and contributing to our way if Life. Just think fewer Immigrants to do the jobs Americans won't do. 

Too bad ME TOO didn't happen to the Left of the 60's and beyond. Maybe a simple NO! could have saved millions from the scalpel of Planned Parenthood.

So please forgive my skepticism about the LEFT and their political wrangling over Illegal Immigrant children's welfare. If you want barefoot children running around who need shelter, healthcare and a meal, you need not go to the border of Texas and Arizona to find them. They are in every City and Countryside of this nation. Their parents, no matter how misguided had the courage to give them life.

About 15 million children in the United States – 21% of all children – live in families with incomes below the federal poverty threshold, a measurement that has been shown to underestimate the needs of families. (Source NCCP)

The Left believes that consequences do not apply to them, yet they howl like wild animals at the slightest perceived injustice to themselves or their narrative. Maybe the lives of  millions of souls are using them to reach the rest of us, making them sound foul and deranged. 

But the GOD of the LEFT says Vote for Us!

We need votes now to take back the power from a segment of the population that believes in that other God, the one that Gives Life, and all the Resources for Life. 

That brings us to Roe v, Wade. 

Passed by a Supreme Court stacked with Liberal Activist Justices. For all of the Intellectuals in the
room, Roe v. Wade was never a LAW, passed in Congress. ALL laws must be passed through the Legislative Process.

Roe v. Wade has created a serious problem for our Nation's Future.

It's akin to the Drug Epidemic. Tt Destroys Lives and Stains our TRUST in THEIR GOD!

What seems evident from the facts is that the Sex and Drugs of the Left has socially crippled a once thriving population of Americans. For nearly 50 years they have been creating a culture of Death and Addition.

And the LEFT wants more!

Tell it like it is...

The Left Promotes what God Prohibits.

The Left and Evil have become Strange Bedfellows...

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

OpEd: We've Had Enough! ReDECLARE Our Independence

Image result for border wall

theodore  M I R A L D I.

We live in the most Civilized, Technically Advanced Nation in Modern History. Immigrants coming in our nation are running away from Poverty, War and Oppression. Most of us come from Immigrant families and take the Gift of America Seriously. No-one is running toward many of the nations of people that arrive. Who would?

Pilgrim Populations wanted a better life for their children at any cost to themselves, sometimes forfeiting life itself after they arrived. From Barren Landscape rose the Greatest Cities in the World.
By joining hands in a common purpose we forged a Nation of Fellowship that secured our Futures and Freed those Enslaved around the world. We, the Americans created the success that many others nations enjoy around the world.

America is Still the Land of Opportunity. Ask any of the hard working Immigrant populations here.

So why are we listening to a segment of Immigrants who do little but complain. I'm insulted, how about you?

We have been a First World Nation for almost 100 years, why would we, or should we be listening to people who come from places that have not in Hundreds of years and longer, not been able to supply the population with the most basics of human needs, clean water, sewage, food and social order. 

How dare you tell me and my fellow Americans how we should do anything!

We are also the children of Immigrants for Generations. The difference is Culture. 

How dare you come here and expect our nation to adhere to your dysfunctions. 

How dare you march in our streets waving foreign banners exalting your failures as citizens of failed nations.

Migrating to this nation is a gift American Citizens have given you if you obey our laws. If not you must suffer the consequences. What we are seeing are populations with little character, and certainly
little respect for our way of life.

It is my right to Declare Independence once more from the Tyranny of your Dysfunctions.

To paraphrase a common adage, When in America, Do as Americans Do!

And if not, there are Billions of others willing to Obey our Laws!

Sunday, July 1, 2018

OpEd: The POLITICS of Chicken Little

theodore  M I R A L D I.

How can so many Americans be so foul? Is it even possible that everything that we stand for as a people, a nation, and maybe a species be so wrong? Some might presume we are reaching the end of something, or the beginning of something else.

All you need to do, is to ask. The Psycho-Babble is everywhere. Fear has gripped even the most fierce among us. Never mind the little old ladies in Congress.

When the slightest perception of inconvenience arises, out comes Chicken Little and the angry warblers singing a song of destruction, of everything. Not only is the 'Sky Falling' but the ground below is sinking fast.

And the Force of Nature is no other than Donald J. Trump #45.

How dare he give us a better economy through better jobs and higher wages. Insulting us with an optimistic outlook of the future. Safe? Who needs safety from Undocumented Strangers Invading our Communities and harming our neighbors. He must be a Racist you know. 

These things are just not normal. 

And those kids being separated from their  lawbreaking parents. The Inhumanity of it! 

American are horrible people. 

Who would want a new neighbor that sent their young children through a desert with strangers, to a foreign country living next door? Rape, Sodomy, Murder...the kids have to grow up, don't they? They will be better off with those people over there throwing rocks and cursing at each other.

Any good parent could see that!

Just think of all the Free Stuff they will get from those cursing angry people. They actually look like our neighbors back home South of the Border.

There is no humor in stupidity. There are no moral equivalent  in Evil. Promoting and Publicizing Insanity never has a happy ending. 

Yet, we have a Force of Nature attempting to show Chicken Little and his Warblers the other side of the road, before we kick the stuffing out of them!

The Land of Common Sense ... Where the Left doesn't exist ...