Saturday, July 28, 2018

OpEd: White PANTHER, Black KLAN

theodore  M I R A L D I.

As if by some Bizarre Event, a Cloud of Toxic Gas or some Unnatural Occurrence in the Cosmos, the Left now supports Antifa. The group of Racist Spewing Thugs,  Immigrants Shouting Racists, and African/Americans crying White Privilege. The Democrat Party has become its Ringmaster, its antagonistic Cash Cow!

If that were not enough, the redistribution of wealth and power recipients, are bullying the very people who have put the food on the plates of the disadvantaged for decades. In today's world the minorities of yesteryear actually think they hold the Keys. An Irony filled turn of events.

After decades of inclusion by "the Racists" (anyone not considered a person of color) are being excluded from Public Spaces by Force. This 180 in cognitive logic has become the New Pathology of the Black Klan. 

The Whiners, Complainers and Resisters are pushing the majority around. A Group cobbled together by the left of Miserable, Dysfunctional, and yes, Group Thinkers. Not willing to accept defeat or even compromise, they threaten the Soul of our Nation.

After 8 years of Delusions under the Obama Administration, the wretched want to rule!

No longer can you watch a Football Game without a display of Disrespect to anyone who won't bend to the New Black Klan. How unfortunate for a Nation built upon the premise of Freedom and Liberty for every citizen, that some in our Society have become Bully Socialists.

It's obvious to me that not many of these people have taken the time to read a little History. I suggest starting with the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 in Russia, or the Cultural Revolution in China under Mao. No need to Go further than Cuba's Political Terrorism against its own people. Those giving birth to and fermenting disorder are always the first to be purged from Socialist and Communist Regimes. Therefor, maybe it would be prudent to take pause. To learn and understand that these forms of Government do not tolerate RESISTANCE!

Enough of the New Black Klan, it's not going to win the hearts and minds of those who fear them not.

What it will do is inspire a Backlash. A counter movement from a vast majority of the nation. Those who will eventually strengthen the crooked path of unwise Mob Mentality.

The New White Panther Movement may become the NEW Social Justice Warriors. We all need to pray that this movement doesn't raise its fist in defiance to Civility or, those who do not look like them. A Multi-Diverse population that has been willing to tolerate the dog that bit the hand that fed it.

These are generations of Tolerant Americans on the receiving end of Reverse Discrimination.

It's nearly impossible to hear News Stories from The Mainstream News that doesn't berate "White Privileged" Americans. From our College Campuses, Work Environments, Social Settings, Mass Rallies, Entertainment and just about everywhere else Americans may have a chance to communicate. It's been 24/7 Hate on every corner!

What is truly disturbing, is that these Bullies are attempting to destroy what took all of us to build. Every generation has contributed to the success of this nation, Every Race, Every Color, and Every Creed.

The Obama Administration fermented Racism by any means possible. He used our Institutions to divide the nation. He called in question every nuance of Civility and Social Order. His methodology of making things worse collapsed our culture with Failure. The 8 years of Hating THY Neighbor is over!

In every cloud a silver lining exists, and with the True Hope of Fellowship we will return to our Better Selves.

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  1. Obama is still on his agenda to destroy America. He is now in Netflix and they have a cartoon of a drag queen for little children. To make our little boys want to dress and act like women. Destroying our morality.