Friday, August 24, 2018


Credit                                   Brett Gundlock 

theodore  M I R A L D I.

How much longer must we endure forcing people from around the World to come to the United States? It's inhumane to allow the wretched and weak an opportunity at Freedom and Opportunity,
if they just don't want it! 

Just in the last week I was disgusted to see a rally in Foley Square, with a grown man being forced by the rich and famous to make a better life for himself. I was somewhat confused what all the bally-hoo was all about. Apparently, unbeknownst to him, he wound up on the U.S. side of the Border. Wanting to return home because he loves his Culture and Country more than mine. He was detained by another bunch of Illegals that wouldn't let him leave. So ICE tried to help him home, and the Protest ensued. 

Now a captive of a Quasi Movement, he was forced to call my Loving Country some serious bad stuff. I tried to support him by raising my fist yelling "God Bless America" for them to let that man go! And from their reaction, I felt he had no chance of leaving. I don't think they appreciated my support for his plight.

I'm tired of OUR Poor and Ignorant being rejected by other countries. Go to Mexico Illegally and spend some time in prison. Who wouldn't they want a few million more dependents? We sure do. After all, our Elected Officials are already working for Illegal Aliens, they mean more votes.

It's a proven fact say the Democrats, that they make better Americans than our Forefathers. They commit no more crimes than Americans do. Maybe a few more Murders, Rapes, Stabbings, and other Violent Crimes...'What Difference Does It Make?'

So when you go to the polls this November remember, the more Illegals we have lurking about, the better for your Wayward Citizen Children. It's easier to Dumb Them Down when you mix Smallpox,
Measles and TB in the classrooms. And Hey, those workers in the lunchroom with bad hygiene will somehow make the food taste better. We need more Illegals!

It's Their American ALIENable Right! 

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