Sunday, September 23, 2018

OpEd: American POLITICAL System On The ROPES

theodore  M I R A L D I.

So the kinder hearts of America have allowed every voice to be heard regardless of the absurdity of
issues. We have bent over backwards to allow Free Speech to every nut job and dysfunction. 

What have we done?

This nation was founded on Formal Concepts of Behavior, Law and Civility. The bounty we have earned through Unity and Forgiveness have laid a path of success for hundreds of millions, not only those born on our soil, but the Forlorn and Persecuted around the World.

And in light of our fragile acceptance, and poor social integration of masses entering our nation, we are now facing a National Crisis that effects every single man, woman, and child across the nation.

We are now being told by some of our Elected Officials that certain laws do not apply to issues that have a macro cause and effect. We are being told that Illegal Invaders share the same Constitutional Rights as Citizens, and in many cases More Rights.

Maybe we are facing a New Enlightenment of the errors that Brave and Honest people need to take notice of. 

Are we on the precipice of Socialist Civil War?

Most Social unrest relies on the poverty stricken population that have little, or nothing to lose. We live in a nation that succeeded on Three Classes. The Rich, Middle Class, and the Less Fortunate(the reasons are many for this segment). In our Social, Civil, and Religious  understanding helping the poor isn't an option, but a Sacred Responsibility. 

In the last 4 decades or so, the Erosion of Family and the Hyper Inclusion of Personal Freedoms has upset the delicate balance of a Civil Society.

We are no longer ALLOWED to voice our Honest Concerns regarding the Corruption of the Human Spirit. Sports, Entertainment and Social Aggressors have been elevated to Icon Status and dictate to the masses what is acceptable behavior and what is not.

So, the Party of Disunity needs Scapegoats to promote the chaos. There are not nearly enough poor, or disadvantaged within our Legal Society, and as a result the massive invasion of Illegals are walking our streets, committing crimes, and acting in concert with Elected Officials who have taken an Oath
to uphold the Constitution of Our Nation. 

It should be evident that the most vocal of these are those living in Liberal Democratic Controls Regions with enormous Illegal Populations. These are the pawns of the Progressive Left who will fuel their Socialist Uprising.

Using the very fears instilled on them, those subject to Deportation, or Prison will stand and fight. We see it already across the nation. When Culture and Law collide someone gets hurt. Someone needs to explain to these unfortunate people that they will never be given the opportunities that American Citizens have rightfully earned. They are being led to a slaughter of their Hopes built on Dishonesty and Illegalities.

Winning is not not an option! 

Americans will fight back if necessary. We need to sit down and resolve these issues for the safety of the very people the left continues to give false hope. We can do this in an orderly manner even when working with disorderly people!

(Image via GWToday)

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