Saturday, October 6, 2018

OpEd: The Left's VEIL Of Deceit LIFTED

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theodore  M I R A L D I.

Politics is a dirty game, so why is everyone so offended by it's hard Left turn. You saw it happening. The Lies, and Corruption of Our Institutions by the Democrats. After all, it's what the Left has been reveling in. 

The psychotic break that has rendered this Constitutional Republic Limp in an Orchestrated Effort by those who can not compete with those who historically have made this nation the gold standard of the world.

Subterfuge and Deceit have replaced Duty and Integrity

It's all around us and has been closing the doors of exceptionalism for something less. They have promoted a segment of the population to think that they are the new Leaders of the future, even though their acumen is less sophisticated and certainly less successful.

The New Left is a hodgepodge of misfits more likely to scream obscenities than come forward with sound and logical policy. The instant gratification cobble that wants what they want at any cost. Even if it destroys the innocent, maims the elderly and rapes, robs and kills your children.

Their violent outbursts are applauded by a New Democrat Party now codified by a misguided old guard with the likes of Clinton, Schumer, Feinstein, Pelosi, Booker, Harris, Waters, Cummings and the like. These are the antagonists that see themselves as the morality leaders who support Abortion, Legalized Drugs and Open Borders.

We live in Evil Times, a modern Sodom and Gommorah, a Free For All of Lust, Abuse. Public Shaming and Corruption. Everything that can crawl out from under a rock thinks they are smarter, and more socially aware than either the Founding Fathers, and even God!

The mere idea of Civility, Social Integration and Lawful Behavior is an affront to the narrative of the weak minded and self centered. The Victims who damage themselves, yet blame others.

These monsters will be Vanquished. Forever to the Dustbin of History. 

God Bless America! God Bless Those Who Value Our Way of Life!

I Congratulate Our New Associate Judge of The Supreme Court ... Brett Kavanaugh!


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