Sunday, November 4, 2018

OpEd: KOWTOWING To People of Color

theodore  M I R A L D I.

I will preface this Editorial with the usual denials that all European/White Americans have acquiesced to in order to keep the peace. I am not a Racist ( I live in an enormous minority community ), I am not Misogynist ( Women have played an enormous positive part in my life ), I am not Homophobic ( I couldn't even guess how many Gay and Lesbians I've befriended ) and I love Animals and Little Children . That should cover it!

But let me explain what I see wrong in this Wonderful Nation that I was Blessed to be Born in.

Everyone, please STOP making People of Color some Super Race of ... ?

People are just people, and we need to assess what each individual brings to the table. Judged by the Content of their Character, not the Color of their skin. MLK left us with that, and as Wonderful as he was, he was still a man with the demons we all face. He rose above it and we are better because of his life.

Using Skin Color as a shield against criticism has enabled the bad actors to forward an agenda of Hate and Violence. This applies to all! The results are always the same, Genocide, Apartheid, Segregation, Racism and Prejudice. Those holding power fear its loss. Those wanting power use any and all means to acquire it. 

We see the nexus of hate rising from schools against our children. Whites beating Blacks, Blacks beatings Whites and Hispanics and so on. This needs to stop! 

What's troubling is more of a structural and growing systemic problem in Government. Some believe you may never question the integrity of a minority candidate. To do so, makes you one of those extreme disclaimers I started this piece with. Now it is a sin against humanity to question a Woman, after all they never lie, hardly ever manipulate and certainly never lust for power and pleasure.

It's possible that my view of America is different than my younger counter-parts. And there are numerous reasons with plenty of validity. Let's face it, we are leaving them with a mess. My experience with messes is hard work and opportunity. A characteristic work ethic that seems to be lacking.

We all want the same things in life. Healthy competition has always separated the Winners from the Whiners. The many attempts at Social Engineering have failed miserably whenever and wherever attempted. Merit Based Success is the only way to sustain progress.

When I was a young man, Blacks had few opportunities and tended to lag behind the curve. Not so anymore. I do recall a young Black man ascending to be the most powerful person in the entire world. Right here, in this nation. I remember that many Americans who are not Black voting for him, the same voters now being called Racists and that other the same Guy they had voted for.

Betrayal can be worst than Death, and so it goes in the Political Arena as well.

I live in one of the most Liberal States in the Nation. We have promoted the downtrodden and disadvantaged for decades. We have become so Liberal that New York City feels like A Foreign Country of which, I Am the Minority. I have no problem with Minorities in High Places. I do have problems with people Betraying those they serve. Betraying those who have given them opportunity. It is their responsibility not to Betray our Trust!

Tribal behaviors are now dictating voter choices. I have been told not to run for Local Office because I do Not Speak Spanish. I can not get a job in Neighborhoods in a nation of opportunity, because opportunity is no longer for a Citizen who doesn't Speak a Foreign Language. I was actually let go from several jobs while living in Arizona because of it.

This is not the only time in our History that this has surfaced. What's different is the sustained Immigration of Spanish Speaking peoples since I was a child on the Lower East Side of Manhattan.

I grew up in a Multi-Culture and Multi-Language Neighborhood. Italians, Jews, Germans, Polish, Irish and Puerto-Ricans learned to live, and yes love each other in relative peace.

What has changed?

Those Low Income, Low Education and Skill Communities made a better Life for themselves and moved out. These new populations move in and never leave. They have become the anchor for millions to enter our Society, literally at will, and disappear into the shadows. We now have Millions of strangers in our communities. If you question this dysfunction, the tirade from the Left will search you out and destroy you. Absent a cogent argument for their presence, destruction of those who ask questions is their only defense.

These are STATIC Cultures and Communities that create Social Division.

Why are we always giving them a pass?

And so, as the CARAVAN moves closer to our Border, ask yourself this; Do you want the America that has uplifted millions throughout the decades or, a STATIC America that becomes a Third World Nation? 

It's where we are headed, like it or not.

The Unity we all strive for is within the Individual, not through Party, Group or Race. It's how we treat each other away from the din of anger and repression. We are One Nation, and as Scripture dictates, only as Good as the Least among US.

We have become a great nation because of our Humanity, don't let the naysayers shout you down!

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  1. Well said.
    I agree to all of this.
    Thank You, for putting it all in print.