Monday, December 3, 2018

OpEd: Is It Time To Take a Stand?

theodore  M I R A L D I.

The Corruption between the Major Tech Players and Half of a Nation gone Insane has Invested in Censoring everyday Americans from having Opinions on every facet of Life! This has only become possible because of the lack of Perseverance by many of my colleagues in the Middle, who just wish to be left alone and enjoy this wonderful Gift of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness! They Just Won't have It!!!

There is a Cancer in this Nation of individuals who have in Clinical Terms become Mentally ill. Thinking they are your Masters, and if you do not heel to their demands, they have the right to destroy you, no matter the cost to the Innocent caught within their Evil Web.

They Prey on your children's ability to rationalize Fact from Propaganda, and in doing so, destroy the very Freedom of Thought necessary to Organize and Fight. You have seen it many times before in Nations and Cultures that Subjugate Populations within Populations for the sake of Power. Like it, or not, this is the very essence of what is taking place in every Town, City and State in our Nation. Assimilate to their will, or be rendered Jobless, Friendless, Penniless, Homeless and without Family. Your not deserving in their minds.

Mind you, these are the same Ideologues who are driving a stake through the Heart of this Nation with Hypocrisy, Unethical, and Uncivil Behaviors. Modern Day Gods who believe only in themselves, prepared to eat their own, if necessary, to accomplish their Feeble Goals.

What Google, Facebook, Amazon and the rest give you is a False Sense of Being. Something no-one entity should ever have Control of. They are putting us all to sleep with Fancy Gadgets, Fictitious Friends, and Free Delivery. What's sad are the Millions of Americans no longer able to think for themselves, although they see themselves as Gods...

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