Monday, December 31, 2018

OpEd: Testing Our LIBERTIES. FB Censoring

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Illustration: Khylin Woodrow


theodore miraldi

I'm writing this Editorial to inform you about the the Culture of Corruption that is Facebook.
Users are Fleeing by the Millions!

Facebook fueled by It's Progressive Propaganda has taken a site that was meant to be a Social Network and turned into a Billion Dollar Company using Data from your Personal Profile Page. It has become One of the Richest Companies in the World at your expense.

And how do they Repay Us?

Everyone must notice how FB puts those with Conservative Viewpoints in JAIL prior to Elections.  They Censor Posts or Remove you from its platform altogether. Everyday I see seriously egregious
posts regarding Sexual Perversion, Gender Bending, Hate Speech, Rape and Murder. 

How is it then that a mere political disagreement on policy could get you BANNED with NO explanation.

I have been put in FB jail so many times since 2016 that I lost count. I was put in Jail just prior to
the Midterm Elections and twice afterward ending after Christmas. No explanation was given.

My site; is an OpEd page with my own thoughts and words regarding the issues we are facing in this nation. As a Boomer who fought for Equal Rights, Human Rights, Civil Rights and a former Democrat, I know just how dirty things have gotten. The wonderful people who helped me restore my life are not the Democrats of today. It's why I left the Party and became an Independent.

My site hosts no Advertising. Any expense come from my pocket. Not Facebook, Google or any other of the Tech Giants Running and yes Ruining our lives. These companies are now richer than nations. It's why they don't listen, nor adhere to sound reasonable policy...they don't have to.

My consternation with Facebook is solely about Censorship. In its absent minded way, the talent that created it, has no idea how to run it any longer. Facebook and Google are not Too Big to Fail, just Too Big to Continue! 

Facebook and Google along with its additional Sites and Services CONTROLS over 70% of Internet Use. Imagine that these 2 companies alone control nearly everything on the Internet. 

Where are the Anti-Trust Laws?

To say that its Political Bias isn't damaging our Political System is a joke. And the Democrats drone on about the Russians.

I'm asking everyone to read this and respond.

We are in a time when we can't Control, or Trust our Institutions or, Representatives. The Tyranny and Corruptions are now at its highest levels of government. 

We need to stand together and challenge those who are trying to destroy our way of life. It's ludicrous that many of the saboteurs are in our Government.

You take away my Speech and Voice, you have taken away my 


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