Sunday, January 27, 2019

OpEd: RACIST, Black Israelites Supported By Liberals

theodore  M I R A L D I.

Tired of the Race Card? I am...

After eviscerating the Teenage Children who literally acted just like teenage children, the Left has been practically silent on their invisible apology tour. As you probably have learned from our Morally Superior, and possibly Psychologically Unhinged Progressives, standing and smiling is Now a Racial Slur.

After beating the Drums of Confrontation, Facial Expression is now a Hate Crime. Excuse me, Only if you are White. Unfortunately some raised in Dysfunctional Cultures may not know better. They serve a purpose to those with negative agendas.

Forget the disgusting behaviors and language of the Black Israelites spewing Racist fireballs at children. Believe me, these guys give Racism a bad name. I see them occasionally in NYC and they disgust me! It's proper Cultural Appropriation for people who have little Culture of their own.  They Cloak their Hatred in Religion. Why does it seem as though almost everything that some touch becomes less.

One might surmise we already have systemic problems regarding old stereo-types without a the new judgmental class of morons that have little to add to Civilized Behaviors and Logic. 

The Left doesn't mind defaming innocent Americans is their quest for...?

What's the Point? 

This Cult-like narrative happening in this nation is doomed to fail. There are a lot more of the Good Guys than they may realize. Creating a tipping point will only diminish whatever false belief and perceived power they think they have. Tribal Behaviors by some, stop the rest of us from socializing without fear.

Everything in Politics today is about RACE! 

Immigration is about Race, Failing Communities is about Race, Failing Schools is about Race, White Privilege is about Race, and The Wall. What next, White Toilet Paper, Vanilla Ice Cream? The real problem of this methodology in dealing with one's individual perceptions, is that our children are watching a phenomenon that may become normalized and turn into something much worse.

The HUBRIS is Astounding!

“There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.” 

Ernest Hemingway

I'm perplexed at the insincerity and lack of Humility by the Race Baiters. I liken them to the Plumber whose house is filled with Leaky Pipes. They fail to realize a Full Spectrum of Consciousness.

What come to mind is a line from Max Ehrmann's 'Desiderata'

'Avoid Loud and Aggressive Persons,
They are Vexations to the Spirit.

Those who need to Overpower You with their Wild-Eyed Narratives always fail in a World Built Upon Respect and Civility. 

Hate 24/7 is just baseless ad Hominem attacks, especally when Aimed at Children. 

No Sense, No Humility, therefor no Real Humanity.

Remember, It's Always the Small Dog that Barks Loudest.

Saturday, January 19, 2019

OpEd: Tyrants, Socialists and Liars

Illustrations by Christina Animashaun

theodore  M I R A L D I.

We now have a full array of Negative Actors directing American Policy. For some years now, the general public has grown more suspicious of elected officials, Institutions and what constitutes our nations' mission. It's reminiscent of how things are in failing nations and static populations. 

No Mobility, No Hope...

We are living in a nation, and world that looks the other way when bad actors disrupt the lives of everyday citizens. Obstructing the normal operation of government for issues NOT related to the Direct Welfare of its Citizens.

We have witnessed it in Europe, and Great Britain. Where the Minority of the population demands the Majority, dismiss norms they don't agree with. Europe in under attack as is Great Britain, and NOW the U.S. The influx of populations that do not have shared Beliefs and Norms destroys National Unity and Security.

It has become painfully evident why, and where these antagonists plant their seeds of discontent. Urban Areas with the very populations that will not assimilate.

Uneducated and Unskilled populations from Under-Socialized nations will make this nation Uncivilized once more. 
Automation will replace the masses. Who needs them?

The Threat of Violence often turns into Vicious Murders of innocent people. These populations have sometimes lived like this for hundreds, perhaps thousands of years. The lack of social integration usually is based on Broken Government Systems and Uncompromising Narratives.

Imagine army of Invaders mounting an attack on a Nations' Sovereignty armed only with Rocks and Rhetoric.
We are now in the 21st Century ,and our neighbors mount an attack on this nation with rocks.

One would think, no-one would fear those armed with rocks alone, but here's the rub. The Rampart necessary to defend ourselves does not exist. Literally free to cross the divide into another nation seems to be the fad of the decade. It's happening around the world, thousands amassing to invade armed with not only rocks. but Liberal Socialists looking to take control of First World Nation Wealth.

Why would any Nation want violent people in their populations. They normally wouldn't. The Left talks about changing the world, as if you can turn a shark into a sheep. Fair minded people throughout history know these are pipe-dreams and unrealistic expectations in exchange for Chaos, usually the result of these social experiments.

This paradigm has now become a business for all of the bad actors who may have nothing else to offer society.

The Antagonists will find when the Chaos Ends, so will their Desire to Disrupt.

Sunday, January 13, 2019

OpEd: Democrats New Members, DUMB Gets Dumber

Image result for dumb and dumber
Dumb and Dumber/Screengrab

theodore  M I R A L D I.

Can't help commenting on just how delusional some Democrats really are...they actually scare me more than Russia, China and those scrappy Macedonians responsible for hacking the World.

When I think we have gone as low as possible, the Left in their search for Morality hit below the baseline once more.
Just take a look at our new members of Congress...what a Disgrace!

Gone are the days when parents gave their children the lessons in Life that help them sustain the norms. The Belief in God's Authority and that of an Institutional Democratic Government.

Shorn from their lives is Respect for Parenting and Parenting Skills. Now children still in their developmental stages start questioning everything. After all, the Teaching Profession telling our children to confront authority at every level while molding their malleable minds.

What we are seeing in Congress is the Result of Social Engineering.

So, when many in our nation are aghast at kids screaming in faces and calling them names forbidden for generations, don't be surprised. Many of these kids never knew the difference between Respectful Behavior and their Wild-Eyed Rants.

Our kids are mimicking the adults around them on Social Media and in the streets. Add to it, the Vulgarity, Hyper-Sexuality and Violence forced upon our young in a full throttled attempt to control their very thoughts and decisions.

For so long we have listened to the chirping of losers in government that are only concerned with power. History has proven when the population is dumbed-down control is simple. When government controls your basic needs, you have become a Prisoner of their will. Hear its loudest voices, has their Integrity been comprimised?

It's one of the reasons the Left has insisted that Civics, American History, and World History are barely taught any longer. Anyone with the knowledge could easily see what a failing system does to its citizens. Coupled with Fake News, the Left has nearly erased the horrors of Despots, Tyrants, Life-Time Leaders, Fascists and Communists.

Ratting out your family members for disagreeing with a Political Ideology was considered Noble, a Civic Duty.  

Are you seeing the Rats?

Millions have been extinguished throughout history. Are the young aware of this?

The Left likes to brag about Educational Levels that their Party Members have achieved. What they don't tell you is that their education has boundaries, and exclusions. No subject matter should be censored, or abridged. 

Is that what you see today?

Friday, January 4, 2019

OpEd: America's Democrat DISUNITY Pledge

unknown artist

theodore M I R A L D I.

I am the Grandson of Legal Immigrants. I grew up in an Immigrant community like the majority of my countrymen and women. I am fully invested in the value of Legal Immigration in this country.

I know what it's like to be the other, the outsider, the blemish to eradicate. 

Big Deal!

My Grandparents came to this country from Europe and the Middle East. Jews and Christians no less. They worked hard and gave my parents the greatest gifts, Life, Liberty and the  ability to Pursue  their idea of Happiness.

They didn't arrive on the shores of this nation to change it. They came to embrace it! They were simple people by today's standards. Those very standards have changed and are now destroying the Dreams of the many who wish to be part of my country. For it is my country, not there's, at least not yet.

I am proud of what we do well, and disappointed when we make mistakes. My disappointment never makes me love my country, or fellow citizens less. But to be honest, lately I feel that the America I knew is fading away. I look around me as a travel through NYC my hometown, and feel somewhat lost. I've seen the faces of success crowd the train before, now I only see victims. Victims of a massive influx of too many Uneducated, Non-English Speaking Immigrants who may never know the joy of true personal success. 

Life is about People, not Politics. Maybe someone should tell those Progressives who think, all one needs to do is land on our shores and success will find them. For some maybe, for most not so.

I feel there's a lot of lying going on regarding streets paved with gold, the only gold I see are the calluses on the hands of day workers on their way home from a job site looking tired and beaten. 

It's how things work here. Everything's Free and Nothing's Free, we all pay the price for the Life America Promises.

So to the Haters who make excuses so the victims of their own mediocrity, who didn't win the Lottery or land that high paying job, fear not, I wanted to be an astronaut...

What ever happened to that crap about Taking a Village(of idiots)?
It only makes more idiots.

Democrats need to Pledge their Support for the Safety of Americans Citizens, not Law Breakers and Cop Killers!

 Another Progressive Delusion...