Friday, January 4, 2019

OpEd: America's Democrat DISUNITY Pledge

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theodore M I R A L D I.

I am the Grandson of Legal Immigrants. I grew up in an Immigrant community like the majority of my countrymen and women. I am fully invested in the value of Legal Immigration in this country.

I know what it's like to be the other, the outsider, the blemish to eradicate. 

Big Deal!

My Grandparents came to this country from Europe and the Middle East. Jews and Christians no less. They worked hard and gave my parents the greatest gifts, Life, Liberty and the  ability to Pursue  their idea of Happiness.

They didn't arrive on the shores of this nation to change it. They came to embrace it! They were simple people by today's standards. Those very standards have changed and are now destroying the Dreams of the many who wish to be part of my country. For it is my country, not there's, at least not yet.

I am proud of what we do well, and disappointed when we make mistakes. My disappointment never makes me love my country, or fellow citizens less. But to be honest, lately I feel that the America I knew is fading away. I look around me as a travel through NYC my hometown, and feel somewhat lost. I've seen the faces of success crowd the train before, now I only see victims. Victims of a massive influx of too many Uneducated, Non-English Speaking Immigrants who may never know the joy of true personal success. 

Life is about People, not Politics. Maybe someone should tell those Progressives who think, all one needs to do is land on our shores and success will find them. For some maybe, for most not so.

I feel there's a lot of lying going on regarding streets paved with gold, the only gold I see are the calluses on the hands of day workers on their way home from a job site looking tired and beaten. 

It's how things work here. Everything's Free and Nothing's Free, we all pay the price for the Life America Promises.

So to the Haters who make excuses so the victims of their own mediocrity, who didn't win the Lottery or land that high paying job, fear not, I wanted to be an astronaut...

What ever happened to that crap about Taking a Village(of idiots)?
It only makes more idiots.

Democrats need to Pledge their Support for the Safety of Americans Citizens, not Law Breakers and Cop Killers!

 Another Progressive Delusion...

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