Sunday, January 13, 2019

OpEd: Democrats New Members, DUMB Gets Dumber

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Dumb and Dumber/Screengrab

theodore  M I R A L D I.

Can't help commenting on just how delusional some Democrats really are...they actually scare me more than Russia, China and those scrappy Macedonians responsible for hacking the World.

When I think we have gone as low as possible, the Left in their search for Morality hit below the baseline once more.
Just take a look at our new members of Congress...what a Disgrace!

Gone are the days when parents gave their children the lessons in Life that help them sustain the norms. The Belief in God's Authority and that of an Institutional Democratic Government.

Shorn from their lives is Respect for Parenting and Parenting Skills. Now children still in their developmental stages start questioning everything. After all, the Teaching Profession telling our children to confront authority at every level while molding their malleable minds.

What we are seeing in Congress is the Result of Social Engineering.

So, when many in our nation are aghast at kids screaming in faces and calling them names forbidden for generations, don't be surprised. Many of these kids never knew the difference between Respectful Behavior and their Wild-Eyed Rants.

Our kids are mimicking the adults around them on Social Media and in the streets. Add to it, the Vulgarity, Hyper-Sexuality and Violence forced upon our young in a full throttled attempt to control their very thoughts and decisions.

For so long we have listened to the chirping of losers in government that are only concerned with power. History has proven when the population is dumbed-down control is simple. When government controls your basic needs, you have become a Prisoner of their will. Hear its loudest voices, has their Integrity been comprimised?

It's one of the reasons the Left has insisted that Civics, American History, and World History are barely taught any longer. Anyone with the knowledge could easily see what a failing system does to its citizens. Coupled with Fake News, the Left has nearly erased the horrors of Despots, Tyrants, Life-Time Leaders, Fascists and Communists.

Ratting out your family members for disagreeing with a Political Ideology was considered Noble, a Civic Duty.  

Are you seeing the Rats?

Millions have been extinguished throughout history. Are the young aware of this?

The Left likes to brag about Educational Levels that their Party Members have achieved. What they don't tell you is that their education has boundaries, and exclusions. No subject matter should be censored, or abridged. 

Is that what you see today?

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