Saturday, January 19, 2019

OpEd: Tyrants, Socialists and Liars

Illustrations by Christina Animashaun

theodore  M I R A L D I.

We now have a full array of Negative Actors directing American Policy. For some years now, the general public has grown more suspicious of elected officials, Institutions and what constitutes our nations' mission. It's reminiscent of how things are in failing nations and static populations. 

No Mobility, No Hope...

We are living in a nation, and world that looks the other way when bad actors disrupt the lives of everyday citizens. Obstructing the normal operation of government for issues NOT related to the Direct Welfare of its Citizens.

We have witnessed it in Europe, and Great Britain. Where the Minority of the population demands the Majority, dismiss norms they don't agree with. Europe in under attack as is Great Britain, and NOW the U.S. The influx of populations that do not have shared Beliefs and Norms destroys National Unity and Security.

It has become painfully evident why, and where these antagonists plant their seeds of discontent. Urban Areas with the very populations that will not assimilate.

Uneducated and Unskilled populations from Under-Socialized nations will make this nation Uncivilized once more. 
Automation will replace the masses. Who needs them?

The Threat of Violence often turns into Vicious Murders of innocent people. These populations have sometimes lived like this for hundreds, perhaps thousands of years. The lack of social integration usually is based on Broken Government Systems and Uncompromising Narratives.

Imagine army of Invaders mounting an attack on a Nations' Sovereignty armed only with Rocks and Rhetoric.
We are now in the 21st Century ,and our neighbors mount an attack on this nation with rocks.

One would think, no-one would fear those armed with rocks alone, but here's the rub. The Rampart necessary to defend ourselves does not exist. Literally free to cross the divide into another nation seems to be the fad of the decade. It's happening around the world, thousands amassing to invade armed with not only rocks. but Liberal Socialists looking to take control of First World Nation Wealth.

Why would any Nation want violent people in their populations. They normally wouldn't. The Left talks about changing the world, as if you can turn a shark into a sheep. Fair minded people throughout history know these are pipe-dreams and unrealistic expectations in exchange for Chaos, usually the result of these social experiments.

This paradigm has now become a business for all of the bad actors who may have nothing else to offer society.

The Antagonists will find when the Chaos Ends, so will their Desire to Disrupt.

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