Sunday, February 17, 2019

OpEd: Congress Crippled, UNCIVILIZED

theodore  M I R A L D I.

Barbarians at the Gate?

What will it take for the sane members left in our Government to act like Patriotic Americans, people of Honor and Duty? There has been a systemic effort by the Party of Dysfunction to turn Congress into a Cage Fight on even the most Generic Business of State.

The Radical Left, some call Progressives, are heaped in failed narratives for their own lack of basic Civics and Government. What's Progressive about promoting a system of government that takes normal hard working citizens and turns them into Slaves of the Government?

This is what the newly elected ex-bar tender, and Jew haters think must be done to destroy your success in life. Why is that?

It's what you get when a once relevant party turns to Identity Politics 24/7 to gain, or hold onto power. It has become the party of victims, those with an ax to grind. The only way they can achieve  success. It's easier to condemn others, many long gone who can't respond to the slander being used by flawed individuals telling the normal people how they must live. It would be comical, if not so destructive and mean spirited.

Never mind the pseudo ideology they profess, all of which have been failures for generations. They want us to live like them...ain't that a kick? 

They will take to the streets and disrupt whatever unity we have left blaming some perceived injustice for their personal failures. Are there no adults left? This nation is in serious trouble. You can close your eyes to it, until some pimpled face kid comes to your door asking for your gold fillings. It's happened before, or has World History been replaced with Candy Crush in your home as well?

The pre-adolescent behavior is a stark reminder of what could become of this nation. Those left behind because of dysfunctional families and sub-standard education has bred a pack of
haters and drones. Their narrative of contempt for anything remotely responsible for their own inadequacy becomes the trigger. 

Under attack are the very Founding Principles and Beliefs that created our Nation's Constitution. The safe-guards that uphold Freedom and Independence are now divisive words to its adherents, that anything outside its prescribed verbiage is a strike against Humanity. Some so incongruous to the principle of Liberty and Self Determination that the acceptance of Truth can not be tolerated.

Yelling Fire in a Crowed Theater has now become the Modus Operandi of the New Democrat Socialist Party. 

Later Comrades...

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