Saturday, February 23, 2019

OpEd: Socialism and Common Sense

theodore M I R A L D I.

The Socialists are Coming!  

First in 1877 under the Socialist Labor Party, then AGAIN in 1901, as the Socialist Party of America. And as before, its flame of  False Hope will soon extinguish.

We have ventured into a Dark Period in American Politics, where taking sides means more than Justice, or Honor. Fueled by every Minority that harbors Hate against our nation. The Gatekeepers, enshrined in our Constitution have kept us bonded to each other as Citizens, now purposely eroded by rogue actors within the Institutions we have Trusted.

Look no further than Congress to see and hear the Cancer Eroding Unity. Words like Racist, Misogynist and Privilege, White Supremacy, Income Inequality and a host of Defaming Negatives hurled in the Halls of Government. Sorry to say, many of the loudest shrieking comes from Minority Caucuses and their Leaders.

Make No Mistake, the Obama Legacy on this Nation will be one of an Antagonist, and not the Unifying narrative many would have you believe. Ironic, the first African/American President used the same emotive distortions to elicit loyalties far beyond conventional relationships between the Branches of Government, to tear at the fabric of National Unity. The same distortions used to extort resources from Corporations and Groups while in Chicago.

The Community Dis-organizer...

Lowering standards across every Socio-Economic Group nearly accomplished Obama's flawed narrative of Fundamental Change to our Society. Rampant are the Socialists who now can freely propose the preposterous notions of failure, and not be eviscerated by the Public, or the Press.

The Left has been lying to the nation regarding the State Of The Union for decades. Obama never generated wealth in the Private Sector while increasing Public Sector employment. Think of it ... the monies spent by Public Sector workers were your Tax Dollars. The dumbest economist will testify to this. Creating wealth was dubious at best!

Obama and his Elitist Professors, Chicago Cronies, and those with subjective perceptions of Bias are the bread and butter of the disenchanted across the globe. Forcing the American Public to accept ill conceived policies to accept common known taboos, and unacceptable individual behaviors. Many based on scientific fact. This has created a Race Baiting, Victimizing Economy that profits in Lies, and Deceptions.

The farce in this is obvious, when confronted with debate in anything political, the Left makes an about-face, and takes off in their $200 Nike sneakers, Dolce & Gabbana clothes and I-Phones. It's simple, the Left and their supporters want what you have earned ... period!

It's much Cheaper to call you names and Denounce History, then to control their individual destiny.

The watered down Left will always take the path of least resistance. A cut below the rest...

Arm in Arm, Against Their Country, Against Their Neighbors.

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