Friday, March 1, 2019

OpEd: Ocasio-Cortez, Cat FUR & CLAWS

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theodore  M I R A L D I.

Why is a dilettante who won an election with 110,000 votes in a Nation with nearly 325,000,000 Citizens telling us how to live.  Listening to this clueless, Sassy, and Disrespectful Latina is beyond absurd!  All Bravado and no chops...Is this the future of our nation? The Democracy the Left tells us we must be.

 The Democrats have created their own Frankenstein's Monster: A Wild and Feral Ball of Emotion. It's what happens when you allow Race, Ethnicity and Culture run your policy, and therefor lead your community. Ever in search of the next shiny object to parade about, extolling the benefits of being part of some Dysfunctional Narrative. 

The sheer enormity of her stupidity isn't interesting, nor exciting. It's sad! Like a wild cat, she Meows and Hisses at the grownups looking for acceptance. Not only is she out of her league, among some of her peers, her sheer gibberish sounds like the standard under-developed 3-world Junta building common to our southern neighbors. Neighbors who have had a long history of failures.

What should be of interest to the Social Scientists and Political Thinkers, is why, and how does someone who has grown up in this nation, been so desensitized to the Evils of Socialism. My God AOC pick up a damned book that explains the benefits of Capitalism over Socialism. You'll find it in any Bookstore under Government 101. There are hundreds for you to read. Try One!

I'm embarrassed being a Native New Yorker, that someone with no discernible work background outside of a Local Bar has the Arrogance to tell the nation what's best for them. The democrats are nearly extinct, holding on to whatever relevance they have left by several of the Dinosaurs still running things. If this is what we are to expect, our nation is in very serious trouble.

Here's a hint for my former friends and colleagues, when you run your community into the ground, listen to all of the victims while writing policy, and destroy your Public School System, you wind up with representatives like Ocasio Cortez, now the Laughing Stock of Congress and the Nation.

And from where sit, it's well deserved... 

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