Sunday, March 17, 2019

OpEd: DEMS 'Know Not What They Do'

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theodore  M I R A L D I.

The Chaos that ensues as the result of an Uneducated Public, supported by the echoes of Victim-hood unleashes the very core elements of Racism across the board.

Those with no Historical Reference tend to belief those perceived as Authoritarian Figures, Faux Leaders or, just plain Loudmouths who shout above the norms. Individuals in attendance tend to believe Untruths, or pure Political Propaganda. This narrative mostly appeals in suppressed communities where upward mobility can be as unreachable as a distant planet.

This systemic model of dysfunction in the hands of bad actors equates to Power, not for those who are left behind, but an Ideology now based on broken promises at the core of Humanities Ascension. Knowledge means Understanding, without the tools of Understanding we are stripped of our true Humanity.

It is by no instrument of bad luck that our children are being stripped of their humanity by an Ideology that demands Total Adherence to its mission. Where there is No Forgiveness, there can be No Growth, only Stagnation.

As individuals, we are seeing this even in our closest Inter-Personal Relationships. Life is in perpetual motion seeking new challenges and realized dreams. There are some, so fearful that they tether themselves to failure, for failure is all they see. Many among us have become prisoners of a ruling class who insulate themselves from their failures. Private Schools, Gated Homes and Armed Security Guards keep their families safe while they release Violent Felons, Drug Dealers and Murderers into your communities. The stage is being set for Civil Unrest and violent clashes between
numerous groups.

We all need to take a step backward and Re-Pledge our Respect for all who act Respectfully. The blind cannot see, so how can the blind lead?

Respectfully yours...

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