Saturday, March 23, 2019

OpEd: Third World Mentality FAILS As Mueller Probe Ends

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theodore  M I R A L D I.

I've been extremely concerned with the events that have gotten us to a division in our Social Fabric and Government. After Two Congressional Investigations, and Special Prosecutor Mueller  finding No Evidence of Collusion, Obstruction or, any other Criminal Activity by the President it's time for the Left to Stop Crying Wolf!

Americans have Suffered Enough with this obvious Lurch toward Third World Rule and Hyperbolic Rhetoric.

This type of political discourse only works with an illiterate public prone to having no real Hope in Life. That is not what America stands for, and the majority knows it! And it's not just Americans. The hundreds of thousands massing at out borders and those now here are the true testament to our worth.

When's the last time you've heard a Democrat, Liberal, or Progressive say something positive about the Nation we love? That's the Third World Model I speak of. Places where Greed sees their children starving and offering flowery rhetoric instead of sustenance. These same Bad Actors have infected our political systems by Promise Hope and delivering continued Sorrow.

Keeping American at War within, is a War that really doesn't exist. It's a fantasy in the minds of those who hate our History and Success. Does that sound American to you?

Look around the World at the places that have this same unrest. Europe under siege, the Middle East at War for literally thousands of years, Northern Africa where Tribes roam the countryside killing men, women and children, Central and South America ruled by Drug Lords and Government Corruption are digging secret mass graves of Sex Slaves and Opponents. 

Is this what Americans Truly Want? I think Not!

I wrote many years ago about the effects of Uncontrolled Immigration into our nation. I stated at the time, it would set us back 40 to 50 years in Social and Economic Development. I fear the costs have been much greater than I had imagined. The cost of losing a nation through Fear and Violence seems now possible. 

The Losers are trying to take over our nation. The simple minded that repeat inane slogans and empty words to an American Electorate tired of reliving the Past of Others who just don't get it! 

There has been wealth and opportunity in our nation since its creation. Modern Day Populations come here and create a better life for their children just as before. 

So what's the problem? 

The problem is the Left, the Socialists and their supporters in our government. Attracted to Greed and Power and care less about the next generation. It's always about the self and not the community.

In the other parts of the world that stay stagnant, each generation is the same as the last.

What and Who Will They BLAME Next?

Maybe They Should Try Blaming Themselves...

Illustration by Lincoln Agnew

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