Sunday, April 14, 2019

OpEd: The Cowardice of LIBERALISM

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theodore  M I R A L D I.

Liberalism is about Individual Philosophy, not Public Policy. Like Humanism, with its ever changing narratives based on the choice of Elite Leadership. Changing norms by changing hands. Fads of the Day should never be written into Legislative directives fueled by special interest groups. Many, if not all are sub-culture beliefs with the cash to force another personal behavior into codified law.

Buying your way into acceptance sounds very much like buying your kids into college. A lesson, not too soon to learn. The Cowardice of the Left is all about BullyPower disguised as empathy. As one can plainly see just how well that empathy has created poverty level acceptance through force.

For all of the bluster about the poor, Liberals have increased poverty by making individuals indebted to bad policy with no way out. Creating Jobs was a mere Talking Point, Vote grabbing through Lies, creating Dependency is their Goal.

While members of Congress rail about ghosts and mirages to promote Truth to Power, the Left uses Power to write its own Truths regardless of obvious outcomes.

What Liberals fear most of all is competition. In their world of entitlement, all that's needed to attain success is Chanting Slogans and Character Assassinations. After all, they wear defeat and victim-hood as a reason to resist something they may not be able to attain. Don't Earn It, Take It!

There was a time when Liberalism had a function in a balanced society. Unfortunately today Bi-Partisanship means weakness. All one needs to do is look at the players involved...

So let me say what many others may fear to say, Why are so many of the loudest and irrational voices coming from the Left? Why are so many People of Color so Mad? All the economic indicators for the first time in decades are positive. Does every grievance, real or perceived need our special attention? Will their madness stop? 

It would seem to me that the Left, so embedded in failures has accepted that no policy they can promote will ever fix the real problems the poor and disadvantaged face. They have created something that may be unfixable.

So in order to remain, or gain power, more and more people must be added to the population of poverty. Spend the money on NGO's and Social Services that only serve themselves with Free Healthcare, and Pensions while the poor and needy remain.

Anyone living in Metropolis throughout the nation sees the decay created by the Cowardice of
Liberals who find it easier to Lie than do what's right for America.

The Left has become Fearful and Feeble...

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