Saturday, April 6, 2019

OpEd: Extinguishing The Light of LIBERTY

theodore  M I R A L D I.

Although I'm not a fan of Joe Biden, and yes he may be a little more creepy than most, on the Democrat Pervert List Biden's name would nary appear. Everyone knows who the creeps are and pretty much where most of the Deviants reside. 

I'm always fascinated by the veracity of youth, after all they are usually being used by some Invisible Wizard of the Unconscious pushing an agenda no Sane Adult would promote.

The list of absurdities grows seemingly with every addition to our National Mix. Even though history has given us examples of pending Disaster, the mindless think, if you're carrying a steak while entering the Lion's Den you won't be eaten as well. 

The Irony!

Unfortunately there is an excess of those who see themselves as Male and Female Lions. These anomalies of Socialized Human Behavior view themselves as Predators, Ferocious, Demanding, and willing to Harm.

What we are experiencing is the extension of personal animus, herding us into competing groups who will eventually create harm.

Those who may think humans may not be that smart may be on to something. Only 10% of the world
lives as we do in the U.S. and other Western style Democratic Societies. 

Let that sink in...

Many of those arriving here from underdeveloped nations have experienced little Social Integration, Economic Security, and Personal Freedoms. Imagine that...

Yet some of our Leaders are making the voices of the newly arrived more important than American Citizens. Emotive populations that are easily frenzied into protest against those who they wish to
replace in the future. 

A Dark Age is Upon Us! 

The Result is Always the Same...the Collapse of Government, Society, Culture and Nations.

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  1. Yes we ARE in a dark age. Where people have forgotten the real value of freedom and liberty.
    Those who seek to destroy our nation's constitution and sovereignty are the enemies of national security.
    They are the traitors attempting to divide and conquer us.
    As we relish our freedoms,our enemies work 24/7 to undermine us. These traitors are in our government, and public and private sectors.They are in the federal,state,local levels.
    Wake up America !!!