Saturday, April 27, 2019

OpEd: Lawmakers, WHO Do You REPRESENT?

theodore  M I R A L D I.

If you're tired of all the Hyperbole, the Irrational Rants and all the Name Calling to denigrate, not only your Culture, but your Nation, now's the time to do something about it. If you are sitting around watching Fake News and cursing at your TV, you may want to get some things off your chest.

Start speaking out without the fear of violence at your local committee meetings, and ASK your representatives, 'Who Are YOU Representing'

If YOU Represent Illegals in Our Communities, you're not representing me! If you support everything FREE, you're not representing me, or the nation. How about violent prisoners voting for other criminal types to run your community, if so your not representing me!

If you Support our underage children showering at school together, you're not representing me! If you represent wholesale Destruction of Unborn Fetuses (children) you're not representing me! If you represent Teachers' Unions over Teaching our children, you're not representing me! If you represent alternate lifestyles being taught in schools, you're not representing me!

How about Socialism? Not my bag. I know a little about history, no-one with any smarts can support such a failure on terms of human suffering and poverty. If you represent, Socialists, Communists, or some unproven narrative, take a hike ... You won't get my vote!

If you think the Color of a person's skin, their Gender or Religion puts them in front of the line and grants special privilege, better try something else, tribalism is primitive, this is the 21st Century!

How about Open Borders? You must be kidding...

Who in their right mind would allow individuals Fleeing Violence and Committing it as well, set up shop in your neighborhood. It's obvious Laws mean nothing to these wanna-be interloping mobs claiming asylum, because they want your cash. They even kill your kids with drugs for money.

You support them, I'll support your opposition!

Our Nation, and communities have been seeded with not just poor people looking for a better life, but those who would fight and kill to get their way. How many lost lives must be given up to this mob mentality? 

We are in Serious Trouble!

Congress is filled with people who literally Hate Our Nation. Just Ask Them! They would rather destroy it through violence than fix the problems at hand. Even the Newly Arrived are attempting to unravel the World's Largest Success Story. These are Petty People from Dysfunctional Cultures. 

And If YOU Want More Of Them, You are NOT Representing Me...

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