Saturday, April 20, 2019

OpEd: The Left is DEAF, DUMB & BLIND

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theodore  M I R A L D I.

Where have all of the Intellectuals gone? You know, those somewhat nerdy men and women who participate in life quietly, yet constantly through history have given us the sanity needed to coalesce into Communities, States, and Nations. The Critical Thinkers who were socially awkward, yet crazy smart.

I fear the element of brilliance has been marred by Social Culture that now demands that others of all ilk must like you, or you are of No Value. Imagine no more Science or Medical Breakthroughs because someone named Shinequa called you a Racist, or maybe the Illegal living next door, breaking all the rules telling you, that you are not being fair, and Humans can't be Illegal.

This is the Erosion going on within our Social Systems. Now possibly a permanent stain on all things cerebral. Lowing the bar gradually, so no-one would notice the sounds of flushing the have-nots have been forcing us down the drain. The sucking sound of infants is all that comes out of the mouths of some you might perceive as normal. Welcome to the Tribe, Goodbye Sanity...

Bear with me here, this has become painful.

The Left and its minions of Troglodytes can no longer understand simple premise, speak coherent words, or fashion a complete thought based on sound rational logic. Therefore relegated to some Mass Ignorance that is engulfing their Ideology, and by extension our children and nation.

Mind you, the Haggis they keep feeding us will never taste like Kobe Steak...

Many are refusing to See the writing on the wall, Hear the logic of debate, or maybe just be too damn stupid to understand any of pick, I've encountered all three.

Perhaps we all should line up across the midsection of the nation, hand out swords and shields and have a go of it...

It may be closer than you think!

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